What Makes Zanzibar Excursion Romantic: The Blue Water On White Sand Or Private Moments In A Spice Garden?

What Makes Zanzibar Excursion Romantic: The Blue Water On White Sand Or Private Moments In A Spice Garden?

Have you all set your mind for travelling to a new place which is growing spices, beautiful and vibrant? If so, then Zanzibar Excursion is a perfect gateway to explore its panorama and environment. Zanzibar is visually stunning, with beautiful beaches, unique forest reserves and plantations evergreen with fruit, vegetables and spices. Zanzibar is really a beautiful island to explore that offers many opportunities for deferential nature and wildlife. It is a perfect destination for vacationers, tourists, adventure lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Zanzibar- A Perfect Attraction Of Adventurers And Explorers.

Zanzibar Island, commonly known as the Spice Island, is the largest island off the coast of Tanzania and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Plan for Zanzibar Excursions to experience the sun-soaked white beaches combined with picturesque fishing villages, surrounded by the warm blue green waters of the Indian Ocean is a perfect place to relax, immerse up the sun and take a break after an exhilarating safari. Water sports provide fun for adventure seekers.


Zanzibar Excursion- Enjoy The Spice Land Of Culture, History, Beach, Attraction And Activities.


What the island offers during your Zanzibar Excursions are a unique combination of outstanding beaches and interesting activities, such as visiting a working spice farm, and the cultural delights of Stone Town, with Arabian fortresses and minarets. The island is one of the world's best-known tropical islands with a long, crowded history and a uniquely romantic atmosphere.

History: Visiting this island today, all this rich and colourful history is visible. You see it and feel in the people, their way of life and the architecture. Visit to Zanzibar is usually charmed by the narrow lanes and leaning old buildings.


Culture and festival of Zanzibar: Zanzibar’s most famous event is the Zanzibar International Film Festival, also known as the Festival of the Dhow Countries.  Every July, this event showcases the best of the Swahili Coast arts scene, including Zanzibar’s favourite music, Taarab Along with you can enjoy the festival of Mwaka Kogwa, International Triathlon & Marathon, Eid el Hajj,and Eid al Fitr.

Beaches of Zanzibar: Zanzibar offer over 25 stunning white sandy beaches. You will enjoy all types of water and beach activities including swimming, diving and fishing also you can make lifetime honeymoon memories by swimming with wild dolphins in Kizimkazi.

Adventure and activities of Zanzibar

  1. Catamaran Trip
  2. Deep Sea Fishing
  3. Diving & Snorkeling
  4. Fly Board
  5. Jetski Tours
  6. Kitesurfing
  7. Parasailing
  8. Stand Up Paddling
  9. Third Lung Diving

Unlike others, the Slave market in Stone town or the House of Wonders or the Sultan’s Palace Museum is not only the places that we will take you during your Zanzibar Excursions. Explore that is still untouched in Zanzibar with Zanzibar Tours & Travel, situated and operate in Stone Town. We have great pleasure in introducing our company to you in connection with the planning of your specialized excursions and hotels reservation in Zanzibar. We would make your trip customised and stress free.