4 outstanding things you should know before planning a trip to USVI

4 outstanding things you should know before planning a trip to USVI

The top tourist destinations in US Virgin Islands are famous for the white beaches, snorkeling and excellent diving opportunities, crystal-clear water, a number of boating opportunities, scenic beauty, hiking activities and island styled rum drinks. Every island here has to offer many things including cultural programs, hiking trails and adventurous sports so that you can stay busy for the whole day. Before you book the St. Thomas hotels or resorts at any island of USVI, know the best things which should not be missed during the trip.

Enjoy partying at St. John:


St. John is another island in USVI which is famous for partying. If you want the happy hour meals, drinks as well as amazing fun activities together, St. John is the perfect place. This small island is not at all crowded like St. Thomas or other popular destinations of USVI. Thus, it is a nice place for those tourists who want to escape the tourist folks. In addition, St. John is more affordable than other popular spots of Virgin Islands. You can get the accommodation and other services at the best St. John resorts at cheaper rate. When you are on a budget trip, St. John is one of the best places to spend your vacation. Due to small size of the town, hopping from bar to bar or between the top destinations is really easy. In case of small trips also, St. Thomas is the perfect place.


Spend some time in Cinnamon day:


USVI, apart from being an excellent destination for snorkeling and watersports, is a great place for camping too. However, the only campground in USVI is available in St. John near the Cinnamon bay. Spend one night or two here within the nature and it will be a memory for ever to you. Most of the St. John resorts include camping to their offered vacation packages. Look for such packages before you book any resort here.


Start your trip with an evening at Redhook:

St. Thomas is USVI is one of those places where you can find the best restaurants of the Caribbean. Redhook is a port town of this island which is home to many of these restaurants. Usually the places for dining out here offer live music along with excellent Caribbean cuisine and the delicious beer. There are many clubs too which organize night long parties. If you are willing to experience a night out in US Virgin Islands, Redhook will be the ideal place.

Have a trip to Brewer’s Bay: 


Though St. Thomas is one of the most visited places by tourists, here also, you will get some isolated place. Brewer’s Bay is one of such places where you can enjoy beauty of the nature in calm environment. You can arrange a picnic here also for having a different experience in St. Thomas. It is favorite picnic spot for the local families. While booking the St. Thomas hotels, you can book a tour to this place also for avoiding last minute rush.