Star Century Exists From Dry Dock Ready To Give Five-Star Company

On May 30, 2006, Celebrity Century emerged from the five-week dry dock by which she underwent an extreme restoration. Going since 1995, the goal of the revamp was to bring Century up to date and make her more luxurious than ever before. Many favorites which are currently found on newer Celebrity ships were put into Century's deck plan, and some extra surprises were also involved.

New Dining Possibilities

Especially, a brand new food choice was included with Century: Murano. Adorned with sparkling chandeliers handcrafted from Murano glass in jewel-toned colors, Murano contains a layout pursuit of the New World. Get more on book a celebrity by browsing our commanding essay.

Michel Roux is the culinary mastermind behind Murano and its first-at-sea tableside cooking, carving and flamb. The whole environment will be one that sets guests' senses on edge because they see, smell and taste the ability. This commanding celebrity source essay has uncountable salient cautions for the purpose of it.

Grand Restaurant has acquired a comprehensive refurbishment and recaptured a quality of glamour, grandeur and style. A favorite of most diners who sailed onboard Century just before her remodeling, Grand Restaurant has maintained her commitment to perfect service and truly world-class menus.

Still another first for Celebrity is the inclusion of the 76-seat sushi bar. Many friends would want to enjoy this common type of dining, and they can do therefore in an environment specifically intended to reflect the styles.

Improved and Expanded Staterooms

Century now boasts yet another 314 verandahs, 1-4 new fits, 10 new staterooms and 17-4 more Concierge Class class staterooms. People will even find conscious variations, includ