Open thread for Saturday night owls: The idiocy that makes Trump 'presidential' for ordering bombing

Open thread for Saturday night owls: Your idiocy that makes Trump 'presidential' with regard to ordering bombing

"I feel Donald Trump became president of the United States" final night, CNN host Fareed Zakaria said when questioned about the significance regarding Trump's airstrikes about Syria (New Day, 4/7/17). "I feel it was actually a big moment."


His explanation is worth quoting in depth regarding its distillation with the classic pundit attitude towards presidential violence:

Because candidate Trump had stated that he could not become involved inside the Syrian civil war. He told President Obama, you can not try this without your authorization of Congress. He seemed unconcerned together with global norms.

President Trump acknowledged that the president with the United States Associated With America will get to social media software behave to enforce international norms, will have to have this broader moral along with political purpose. President Trump realized, as each president features for most decades now, that will presidents often think they have inherent legal authority as commander inside chief. Along With they don't have to go to some pesky Congress every time they want military force. [...]

Note your assurance along with which in turn Zakaria insists that the military attack on the sovereign state, unauthorized from the united Nations and unjustifiable throughout relation to self-defense, signifies a fresh respect upon Trump's part pertaining to "global norms" along with "international rules." Clearly, for Zakaria as for the particular vast majority of pundits, the particular norm is that international law doesn't apply to the president in the United States-a doctrine which is typically referred for you to by the euphemism "American exceptionalism."

Note, too, the particular contempt using that Zakaria dismisses the notion that a new "pesky Congress" must constrain any president's capability to make war; that needs a constitutionally mandated declaration of war when you get a "broader moral along with political purpose"? [...]