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During the extraction, there are three more casualties, including Tiger 12But never have we played a game so bereft of soul and purpose - so utterly lacking in any justification for itself or the time and money youre expected to expend on itRetrieved 2012-11-12Single-player[edit]The arms dealer revealed 2 ships containing the PETN had just left Dubai and after tracking the vessels, Mako is sent to intercept one of two cargo ships headed for Karachi, as the other is already being impounded by NATO forces in Croatia"GAME outs new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed 13 News "^ "EA Medal of Honor Warfighter Official Announce Trailer English (HD)"Just as the operation begins, the terrorists and hostages hastily escapeTaking place after the previous game's ending, both SEAL operatives travel to PakistanRetrieved 2012-10-27GameTrailersPlayers had access to all 6 classesIGNMetro said "Warfighter is one of the worst video games we have ever played" and gave the game a 4/10.[37] Eurogamer gave it 5/10,[28] Destructoid and both also gave the game a 5/10.[36][38] The Financial Post gave the game a 5.5/10 saying that the game was "Hard to recommend"[39] GameThirst awarded the game 6/10 saying "There's no need to buy Warfighter, rent it instead"[40] However, Daily Mail gave the game a 4 out of 5 stars, praising the Fireteam modes and "well thought-out vehicle sections and set pieces"[41] scored the game 2/5 saying "The concept behind Warfighter is sound^ Makuch, Eddie (2012-02-07)IGNThe campaign also reveals that the deadly explosive, PETN, had begun to appear around the globeThe pack became available for sale in North America on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on December 17, 2012^ Goodrich, Greg (2011-10-23)Retrieved 2012-10-27^ "Battlefield 4 Beta"^ Jackson, Mike (2011-10-23)Immediately after tracking the location in Yemen, Mako is ordered to raid the facility housing large amounts of PETNHe stated "I think that because of our genre and the history of our franchiseThe Military Edition includes all the perks of the game's Limited Edition, as well as "exclusive in-game unlocks", One particular unlock is a camouflage pattern named "Project HONOR", which is tied to a real-world promotion arranged by EA to raise money for the families of fallen Special Operations soldiers

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