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^ nygcc (February 6, 2013)"Winners: New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards"Retrieved 2012-11-24"News: Far Cry 3 development "in full swing""Parts of the story were not universally praised; some commentators felt the story was unrealistic, the player and his companions unlikeable, and the inconsistency of the plot's tone awkward.[44][45]In June 2013, in light of the acclaim garnered by Far Cry 3, Ubisoft promised they had plans for a Far Cry 4^ Macky, Bob (November 11, 2012)^ "GameStar: Jamie Kean: in Far Cry 3 all is in your hands"


2012-03-21^ "Far Cry 3 PS3 Review: First Person Open Worlders You Wish You Were Here"2012-06-25Retrieved 2012-12-14Retrieved October 31, 2014The game ends with a still image of the boat and the Dragon Knife in the beach while the credits rollThe game's protagonist Jason Brody is not a trained soldier, but rather an everyman who is forced to become a killer over the course of the gameDecember 2012


"Further (feat2012 Inside Gaming Awards Best Character Design (Vaas Montenegro) Nominated [52][53] 2013 New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards Best Game Nominated [54][55] Best Writing in a Game Nominated Best World (Rook Islands) Nominated Best Overall Acting (Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro) Nominated D.I.C.E"Rook Island" 5:21 8^ Additional work by Ubisoft Massive, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft ReflectionsHe starts dreaming of walking a fiery path with the Dragon Knife, and having Liza as a monster in his dreamRetrieved February 28, 2014gamespot.comExplosionYohalem claims that as a result the game examines "what happens when that guy is put into a situation where he has to survive minute by minute and save his friends? Will he pick up a gun and how does that affect him? [.] This is a story about a normal guy who picks up a gun and that can't end well".[17] Producer Dan Hay emphasized that the emotional "turns" in the characters were a major theme in the game, stating that "that was the emotional thing we wanted and when we first saw it, it was with Vaas." Hay further commented that the game merged the systemic feel and emotional feel from the previous two Far Cry games in order to take the game in a "very, very surprising direction."[2]


The game's writer Jeffrey Yohalem claimed that the intention of the game's plot was to make a statement about "what shooting means and what it does to humanity"^ "Ubisoft Promises a FarCry 4"Retrieved 2010-08-05Retrieved 2012-12-13UbisoftComputerAndVideoGames.com^ "Far Cry 3 Review"Metacritic2012-11-27After Jason kills numerous pirates and reaches a warehouse, he and Vaas fight, but Jason enters a delusional state, fighting multiple duplicates of Vaas in his dream

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