A new eco street style themed clothing line launch

April ‎12, ‎2017: Leaves and Sand collection, a new eco street style themed clothing line by Green Stitch Fabrics has been launched. While announcing the launch, the Green Stitch Fabrics owner and founder said that the clothing line gives customers products which are “uniquely you.”

“Leaves and Sand collection blends cultures and eco-friendly fabrics to create unique fashion trends” said the clothing line founder.

“The Leaves and Sand Collection combines Organic Silks, Hemp, Cotton and Sustainable denim to create Eco style that is distinct any unique for Spring,” added the designer while outlining what has been put into bringing unique fashion to the market.

The company which operates under the motto “Her style and no one else’s. Because we believe each piece of a woman's wardrobe should be hers alone,” offers products which are geared towards promoting sustainable clothing and self confidence.

The company founder says that she has come a long way, starting back when she used to observe her godmother design fabrics and styles. Also interaction with people from different countries and cultures has ignited a sense of love for fabric and unique designs found in varied parts of the world.

The different fabrics and designs from the Green Stitch represent indigenous cultures all over the world, the founder explained. They are meant to bring out the best of an individual, boost self-confidence and appreciate what the world has to offer.

Green Stitch pays special attention to detail, bringing out the individual and unique style for each of the designs and clothing pieces made. “You may find similar styles but each of the items that we make at Green Stitch is unique, made for an individual who wants to look unique,” said the founder as she explained the uniqueness of her clothing line.

With the world facing enormous environment challenges, people are looking for clothing designers who advocate sustainable practices. Green Stitch is one of the companies that pays special attention to environmentally sustainable production. The company not only uses sustainable materials but also believes in natural and environmental practices. The company uses natural fabrics including cotton, linen, denims and silk. These pieces, according to the owner of the clothing line, have taken the world of style to another level, showing commitment to eco-friendly fashion.

Apart from using natural materials, Green Stitch is also involved in recycling materials. They experiment with recycled materials such as plastic producing pieces of fabric that are fabulous and attractive. Green Stitch believes in giving its customers unique clothes while also being sensitive to the environment.
The new clothing line promises to be a head turner, inspiring confidence on women and bringing out the best from them. The creator of the clothing line, in her understanding of the fashion world wanted to create something that every woman will fall in love with. Something that will form part of their favourite pieces of clothing and the unique style for their clothes.

Leaves and Sand collection has been described as an eco-friendly yet fashionable clothing line, one which the designer describes as a head turner. She added that every woman needs to express confidence as well as individual and distinct character, something that the new clothing line aims to give. Green Stitch has been making clothes for the street as well as for in the boardroom. The creator revealed that the new clothing line is built along the same philosophy, catering for the woman on the street as well in the boardroom.

Contact information:
Website: https://www.greenstitchfabrics.com/
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City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone No.: 7028488560