pets, etc. If you're uncertain of the rules please inquire.

*Stay in established nude areas. Understand the physical boundaries of the host club.
To roam
nude into a clothed-only place, even if unwittingly
, will offend many.
*Respect the property of others at all times.
*Admiration the rights of others. Harassment or threatening behaviour WOn't be tolerated. If
someone's behaviour is making you uneasy, see a Naturist Society staff member or
the club manager.
*No overt sex. Nude isn't lewd, but joined with public sexual displays,
degrades our image and will pique other guests.
*Abide by the photo policy as set forth in the Photography Agreement. Only official
Collecting photographers may take photographs in common areas. Guests may photograph
from everyone who'll appear in the photograph (including unintentional subjects in the back-
ground). Official Party photographers will ask before photographing in the common
areas. Kids never should be photographed unless a parent is present, and both kid
and parent give their permission.
TNS reserves the right to confiscate film if improper pho-
tography is suspected.
If someone appears oblivious of naturist etiquette, clarify it, kindly

and apparently
. Give them a copy of this sheet. Don't let rude people destroy your fun or make
naturists look bad.
Naturist Assembly Etiquette
Nudism may be considered "a type of sport, in which individuals get naked in groups to take a bath
of atmosphere and light, as one bathes in the sea" (Dr. Toulouse), that is, from a strictly curative point of
means nude in Greek), as a return to
an Edenic state, restoring people to a primitive and "natural" state of innocence (the dissertation of the

and collectively, among the most potent means of emancipation. It appears to us to be something else
Completely than a hygienic fitness exercise or a "naturist" renewal. For us, nudism is a revolutionary
* * *
Revolutionary in a triple sense: avowal, demonstration, liberation.
Avowal: to vindicate the ability to live nude, to get naked, to walk around naked, to link
with nudists, with no other care, as one uncovers one's body, than the chances of resisting tem-
peratures. This is to affirm the right to the entire disposition of one's physical individualism. It truly is to
proclaim one's nonchalant nonchalance to conventions, morals, spiritual commandments, and societal laws
that, under various pretexts, keep people from disposing the different parts of their physical being as
they see fit. Against social and religious associations where the use or usury of the human body is
subordinated to the will of the lawmaker or priest, the fkk demand is one of the most deep
and conscious manifestations of individual freedom.
Protest: to vindicate and practice the independence to get naked is, indeed, to protest any dogma, law,
or custom that creates a hierarchy of body parts, that considers, for example, that showing the
face, hands, arms, or throat is more decent, more moral, more good than exhibiting the backside,
breasts, belly, or the pubic area. It's to protest against the classification of different body parts into
noble and ignoble classes: the nose being considered commendable and the dick ignoble, for example.
More importantly, it's to protest against any intervention (of a legal or other nature) that obligates us
to wear clothing because it pleases another --- whereas it's never happened to us to object that they
do not get undressed, if that's what they prefer.
* * *
Liberation: liberation from wearing clothing, or actually of the constraint of wearing a costume that
Nonetheless, is the vital thing. Liberation from one of the chief beliefs on which the ideas of "per-
mitted" and taboo, of "great" and "evil" are based.
to an artificial standard of look that maintains the distinction of groups.
Let's visualize the general, the bishop, the ambassador, the professor, the prison guard, the warden
--- nude. What would be left of their prestige, of the power delegated to them? The rulers know
this well, and this isn't the least of the reasons for their hostility to nudism.
Release from the bias of modesty, which is nothing but "shame of one's body."
Release from the fixation with obscenity, now triggered by the uncovering of body parts that