A wine tour in Bangalore in a Self-Drive Car on Sunday

A wine tour in Bangalore in a Self-Drive Car on Sunday

Places in and around Bangalore are there in abundance to have a happening weekend getaway. Even if you do not have much time, you need to take out just one day to have a few splendid moments with your friends. For me, the day was Saturday when my friends were sitting idle at home sipping coffee late in the morning. The time was 11 o’clock in the morning when I called Ruchika, my childhood buddy, and she almost begged me to go somewhere and take her out of the depressing weekend. We called up a couple of other mates and decided to leave early in the morning the next day for a day out in Bangalore to create a memorable Sunday. It’s difficult to explain the overwhelming feeling of being with your childhood friends again when you all are working adults and just remain sunken in your daily routines.

Once the plan was finalized, the first question that Ruchika asked me was, ‘How are we going?', And it left me thinking hard what to do. I knew that none of us would be willing to take out their car and the cabs are already beyond affordability to travel around the city for the entire day. We decided to test the concept of Self-Drive Cars in Bangalore. I asked her to Google up a few websites and book a Self-Drive Car for our trip by the time I had my chores sorted.

No matter what the cost of traveling was going to turn out that day, we were determined not to drop the plan this time. As a matter of fact, we realized that the Self-Drive Car cost us much less than Ola or Uber, had we traveled by the latter for the entire day.

The wine tour at the Blackbuck Wine Resort

It was that we reached the blackbuck wine resort, we realized the magnificence of the place that is spread in more than 510 acres. Although they take bookings for the wine tour in advance, we somehow got our seats reserved through a friend. They led the group of wine enthusiasts to display the process of bottling white as well as red wine under the guidance of David Ciry, who is a well-known oenologist of France.

After the wine tour, we headed to the grape stomping event. We jumped over the grapes with the bare feet while playing mischiefs with our friends. We could not have asked anything more after we had the mouth-watering food that was served after grape stomping. We had become the hunger driven monsters after a long day, and the food was exactly what we needed at that time.

Then came the time to rest at the resort for the night and admire the beauty of the place. Undoubtedly, I had a great time with my friends and the car rental added to the convenience of our vacation. Throughout the time I spent at the winery, I wondered about the time spent with these mini-beasts I call friends and pledged in my heart to meet them more often, no matter what.