Invisalign Prospect Park service- how it works

With the introduction of Invisalign treatments, teens don’t have to worry about the use of metal braces again. Invisalign is a method of straightening the teeth without relying on metal components such as those found in Braces. One thing makes Invisalign much more desirable in teeth re-alignment, it is invisible and it can be removed easily, hence you can enjoy your favourite meals, brush or floss at any time.

Invisalign Prospect Park services are specifically designed for teens as well as young and old adults who worry always about those embarrassing metal braces that can cause injuries within the inner part of the mouth. Invisalign comes in clear or light blue and colour changing types, and each treatment program will include 6 different aligner replacements that you need to wear at different times, this program has included 6 replacement aligners because you may need any of them at any time during the different phases of your treatment.

How does it works?

You need to wear each set of the Invisalign every 2 weeks, till the end of the treatment. You can remove each aligner whenever you want to eat or drink and then visit your Orthodontist every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your treatment progress. Invisalign Park Slope services also involve the use of the aligners to shift your teeth in small steps until the final desired position is reached. Each aligner has been created to fit perfectly into your mouth at different stages of the treatment. Once the detailed treatment parameters has been set, Invisalign Park Slope treatment will act on the computer technology to generate the most suitable calibrated Invisalign for each stage of the treatment.

As you replace each of the aligner with the next one, your teeth will be moved gradually, week after week, until the final alignment has been reached and the best dental structure has been put in place. It should be noted that the total treatment period usually ranges between 6 and 15 months in teens, this may be longer for most adults. Invisalign treatment is totally comfortable and comes with no pain.

In order to achieve the best with Invisalign, only competent Orthodontist must be allowed to handle the treatment, if not, you may find yourself dealing with some dental issues. To learn more about Invisalign Prospect Park services, or book an appointment, you can simply walking in or visit website for more information.