5 Unexpected things to do with Balloons

5 Unexpected things to do with Balloons

In our childhood, balloon is one of our favorite toy. Filling air to make it bigger and tie a thread and roaming the street are the best memories. At present, there are many party organizer in and around the world creating wonderful arch and attractive designs using balloons.


In our childhood, we just celebrate our birthday with a piece of chocolate or with cake. But now there are many birthday party organizers bangalore who makes your kids birthday memorable. In this article, I have listed you the 5 unexpected things to do with balloons.


1. You can decorate cake with beautiful pom poms on the top. There are two ways to decor cake with pom poms. You can directly buy it from the store and keep it above cake. If your kid is cream lover then simple, you can simple create pompom above the cake with cream.


2. As i said earlier, all kids like to hold bunch of balloons in their hand using thread. Instead of using thread, we can use feathers, long streamers, ribbons or any other shiny threads.


3. Decorate vases with balloons and keep flowers in the vases will look great and attractive.


4. This is one of best and creative way to invite neighbors for your children birthday. Print party invitation on balloons and ask them to blow after receiving an invitation.


5. Just like falling papers on the top during wedding or birthday celebration, we can drop balloons.


These are the simple tips to use balloons during your birthday celebration and wedding. Party decorations bangalore will reduce your work by undertaking all decoration part and service you at affordable price. Balloons in a box delivery is now in trend.