Do’s And Don’ts With Porcelain Veneers of Sherman Oaks

Do’s And Don’ts With Porcelain Veneers of Sherman Oaks

Have you finally made up your mind to get veneers on your imperfect teeth to correct your smile? Then, we suggest you to go through a list of important dos and don’ts that need to strictly followed after fixing veneers. Although, dentists guarantee that porcelain veneers will go for at least a decade but if there is a lapse in maintenance, these veneers can get damaged within a few years. Here are the essential dos and don’ts of using Sherman Oaks Veneers.




Let us first of all, check out the list of important things worth doing after getting veneers on teeth:


1.    Do Floss and Brush Regularly: The first main do when it comes to maintain healthy and problem free Veneers in Sherman Oaks is to indulge in a regular habit of flossing and brushing your teeth. Do so, at least twice and preferably after every meal to keep your veneers shining and problem free for the next 10-15 years.


2.    Do Avail Pumice Polish Consciously: You will be often suggested to get pumice polishing by your dentist or hygienist but remember that often availing this polish actually scratches and erodes the composite that holds the veneers, so try to make sure to get a good quality aluminum oxide polishing agent for polishing your veneers for better results.


3.    Do Visit Your Dentist Regularly: Lastly, do make it a habit to visit your dentist on a regular basis to get your Sherman Oaks Veneers checked. In fact, your dentist will instruct you to visit on a periodic basis to get your veneers checked for any need of polishing or stain removal.




Now, that you have understood what all need to be done after getting veneers, it is time to know what all not to do after getting this cosmetic dental treatment:


1.    Don’t Consume Alcohol Frequently: The first major don’t for porcelain veneer users is to limit the consumption of alcohol. If you have a habit of drinking a lot of alcohol, try to limit its consumption because alcohol has a tendency to dissolve the bonding used to fix these veneers. No wonder if you continue your heavy alcohol consumption, your veneers will get ruined within a couple of years instead of running for good 10 to 15 years.


2.    Don’t Use Sharp Objects: Another major don’t after getting such dental veneers is to keep sharp objects away from your teeth. Be it knives, forks or pins- try not to put your veneered teeth in contact with any kind of sharp objects. Sharp objects can grind your teeth and damage the veneers.


3.    Don’t Indulge in Frequent Eating: Lastly, don’t indulge in frequent eating once you get your Veneers in Sherman Oaks fixed because doing so will accumulate heavy plaque in your teeth. So, the best way is to limit your daily eating routine to three meals a day. To read more Click Here