What my last Self-Drive Road Trip taught me

What my last Self-Drive Road Trip taught me

When I took my first road trip, I had never thought that a simple road trip could teach me so many things in just a few days that I would feel completely different about myself. Now that I have traveled to several destinations via exotic boulevards, I can say that there is nothing more awesome than a road trip with your friends. I was born and brought up in Meerut, a small town of in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. I came to Delhi a few years ago in pursuit of a job and found this national capital incredible in all aspects. I can set off for anywhere from this place without any hassle apart from living here with all the comforts within my means.

Many people these days feel that they should save time and hop on to an airplane to reach wherever they want to. Sitting in a car for more than three hours seems like a wastage to such people. I have stark opposite feelings to such people; I view road trips as an opportunity to blend with my friends at just another level and even fight with them to patch up sooner (you don’t have any other option no! These chaps are going to be with you for the remaining trip anyhow!).

I don’t own a car in Delhi as I do not feel the need for it. You must be wondering then how could I take a road trip without a car. Nope! I didn't borrow a car from a friend; I don't believe in spoiling friendships because of materialistic matters (I learned this as well on a road trip!). Whenever I have to go somewhere, I book the Self-driven Cars on Rent in Delhi well in advance to save money. After the advent of several car rental companies, it has become easier to rent Cars in Delhi, and I don’t need to depend on anyone for my leisure. How traveling with friends has changed my entire personality, I would like to tell you.

Embracing the off-beat places and paths

When someone decides to go for a road trip, they might choose the most traveled places that are often crammed with people from the nearby states and cities, especially during extended weekends. After taking a couple of trips to Shimla and Mussoorie, I realized that these places are not worth going at all when the entire North India is planning for vacations. It is better to visit the off-beat places in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand for a quick weekend getaway. I learned to embrace the roads less traveled and the places less visited to find the well-kept secrets and clandestine beauty of these locations.

Stop at unknown places

On your way to the destination, you will have to stop at small towns to find food or anything else, which gives you a chance to interact with people and find several things that you would never explore otherwise when you fly by airplane.

Feel the beat in your heart again

An airport is full of tired and boring people; you can notice that yourself if you do not believe me. On the contrary, you will find more embracing people who are full of energy on the roads. You will feel yourself more energetic when you are traveling by roads.