Wi-fi Calling feature on Google Pixel, Pixel XL with India’s Jio Network

Wi-fi Calling feature on Google Pixel, Pixel XL with India’s Jio Network

In December last year, Google added the enhanced 4G VoLTE calling feature in its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones along with the updated Android version of 7.1.1 Nougat. This came as the solution for enabling the VoLTE calling technology which is currently provided by Reliance Jio network. Now Google says that wi-fi calling feature will soon be coming to Pixel, Pixel XL smartphones that are on Reliance Jio networks with the next Nougat update. This feature will let the users in making calls even in low mobile network reception when connected to the wi-fi network. This feature is expected to come out with the next Nougat update. Google Pixel Support can be taken for any kind of information.

Google India announced on Twitter that it will enable this new update of wi-fi calling for Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones on Reliance Jio networks along with the already available VoLTE support.  Google also said that the feature must come out with the next Nougat update for the smartphones. It is being assumed that it will be Nougat 7.1.2 that started coming out last week. However, no statement has been given by Google on bringing the same support for Nexus devices. Google Pixel Help  can be taken in case you need any information.

What is Wi-fi calling feature all about?

The wi-fi calling feature is almost same as VoLTE HD Voice calling feature. But, this feature will use the wi-fi network instead of using mobile data for making a call.IN case of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) based services, like Skype, mobile data or wi-fi is used for making a call, but recipient is able to see the Skype ID. But in case of wi-fi calling, the recipient will be able to see your mobile number.

The wi-fi calling feature has already been available in other countries for many time like US. But if talk about the charges, then we are not sure how Reliance Jio is going to implement this feature. More information is available at Google Pixel Com Support.

It might be possible that wi-fi calling may be only be available when connected to Reliance Jio’s Jio Net wi-fi hotspot. Alternatively, there might be some charges that may be levied by Jio when you are using other wi-fi of other internet service provider for making the calls. Google Pixel Guide can be taken in case of any difficulty.

Interestingly, Google Pixel and Pixel XL are not the first smartphones that are going to get the feature of wi-fi calling. Samsung had released this feature for Galaxy S7 and galaxy S7 Edge as a part of their software update in the October last year. But this feature has been defunct since then there was no operator that can offer support for wi-fi calling. With Reliance Jio venturing into this new service we can hope this feature to come up in more smartphones.