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The Export Phones Configuration window displaysStep4 To close the window, click CloseFor more information on displaying the MAC Address or additional configuration settings on Cisco Unified IP Phones, see the Cisco Unified IP Phone Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager that supports the phone modelAdd a new BLF Directed Call Park After you add a phone, the Association Information area displays on the left side of the Phone Configuration windowTo subscribe to new services for a phone, perform the following stepsStep4 Enter the export file name in the File Name text boxStep3 After you display the Phone Configuration window for the phone configuration that you want to migrate, choose Migrate Phone from the Related Links drop-down list boxThe MAC address is the third fieldRecommended Action: No action is required if this event was issued as a result of a normal device rehomeIn order to review the network mask, press 23#For example, you can display a logo on the LCD when the phone has not been used for 5 minutesThe Phone Configuration window displays


This setting overrides the Use Trusted Relay Point setting in the common device configuration with which this device associatesTo implement Hotline, you must also create a softkey template without supplementary service softkeys, and apply it to the Hotline deviceFor more information on maintaining services in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, see the "IP Phone Services Configuration" section on page75-1If the Phone Configuration window does not display a field for the original phone, but the field is required for the new phone, the new phone uses the value from the phone template for the required fieldTo display the MAC address for the Cisco IP Phone 12 Series and Cisco IP Phone 30 Series phones or the Cisco VG248 Gateway, perform the following tasks: Cisco IP Phone 12 (SP +) Series and 30 Series (VIP)Press ** to display the MAC address on the second line of the LCD displayFor more information on jobs, see the Chapter82, "Scheduling Jobs." For information on log files, see "BAT Log Files" section on page83-3Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, and Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Cisco ATA 186 Analog Telephone Adaptor Third-party SIP Device (Basic) and (Advanced) IP-STE Cisco VG248 and VG224 ports (analog phones) You configure the Cisco VG248 and VG224 analog phone gateways from the Gateway Configuration window of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

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