Do you guys know about One Piece, the greatest anime of all time. Our life is almost like that One Piece anime. There is a position call marine and pirates. Life is confusing and the more you grow up the more you unable to understand what the meaning of grown up. When I was a kids, I thought I'm just an ordinary person who sees a lot of great pirates on the sea. I'm too obsessed and adore the pirates and thought that marines is far too hard to achieve. So I decide to find the world secret and meet with new badass pirates. I became pirates by myself through lying and mischievous plan. The more I travel, the more I found myself being such a jerk. 

   On my way to achieve the greater goal, the more harder it becomes. Everything I plan became misery and failure plan. Some nakama(friends) thought I'm their idola and some of them betray me and some just go all out fighting me with all they had just because they hate me. Once I seen some pirates I adore and I found out they are not as greater as I thought they will be. They are just scaredy cat who never plan to win above others. I was dissappointed when I saw what miserable life I'm leading my life into just because I want to seek a revenge againts the pirates who rob my own happiness. The marines who I thought it was too hard to achieve, some of them become pirates too and some of them become a greater jerks than I am. 

   The more I learn about world, I understand better that everyone can be pirates or marine. They have option to choose whether to choose the good deed or bad deed. I know some of them have no choice but when we achieve the status of adults we really have a choice whether we know it or not. I choose the wrong road which is choosing to became a pirate when I have so much time to change. It's okay because we still have time to change ourself, never look others strenght but look what our specialty and what we can do great by ourself, never seek out revenge because it only destroy what you really seek for your own life. I've tried almost everything in my life no matter if it is wrong or not. I never regret leading this miserable ife, because i know, journey have many obstacles and there will be always right and wrong way. 

   Be more cautious with others' no matter how close you are because in life, people will easily betray and lying infront of money or thing that can be more advantageous for them. Trust in any relationship is very important but just be cautious because we never know what will come in the future. Everyone change and even the closest person that we know could change too without us realising.