Aztec's Treasure Slot Machine Game

Aztec's Treasure is a 5-Reel progressive slot machine that's based from an Aztec theme-hence the name. This could function as progressive slot machine for you, if you are up for a little of prospecting for the legendary lost silver.

With Aztec's Treasure you'll have fun or really go for the big jackpot. There are 20 lines on this progressive slot machine. Before spinning, it is possible to select how many lines to play-as low as one point. If you are not going to play all 2-0 lines, which can be the machine's default position, you have to know that you must play them in sequential order.

Therefore, if you wanted to play only three lines, you had be playing point one, two and three. You can maybe not do them out of order, like four, six and eight. You can find ten lines on each side of the equipment. Line one is in the position on the left, while line two is on the second position on the left, to give a good example to you. Line three is on the 9th place on the left and so on. All numbers 10 and under are on the left, while all numbers 11-20 are on the right.

Aztec's Treasure has got the following bet denominations: 1 dollar, 2 cents, nickel, quarter, 50 cents, one dollar and five dollars. If you want therefore, you can bet up to $100 per spin.

This progressive video slot also has an automobile play feature. While I don't look at this fun, you could. Just put your cash in, click auto play and kick right back before you desire to stop. The sport will keep playing until you run out of money or you end it. I could think of hitting this element with $500 in the machine, obtaining a phone call, forgetting about the machine and coming back to determine $0.

Aztec's Treasure has numerous bonuses throughout the game. To explore additional information, we understand people check-out: