How using white Alstroemeria flower helped me have a great wedding event

How using white Alstroemeria flower helped me have a great wedding event

There are three important things to keep in mind when planning a wedding function. First the venue, second the number of people coming to the event and third is event décor. Talking about event décor one of the first things that come to mind is flowers for the event. I was faced with the same question a few months back when I had to host the wedding event for one of my best friends. I choose white alstromeria flowers for the decoration of the venue and it proved to be a great choice.

I am going to share the ways in which I used these flowers to make the event larger than life. Hope they can help you to create a mesmerising event as well –

1.      Bouquets and floral supplies

The first place where these flowers found application was in creating beautiful floral bouquets for the event. Everyone was worried whether the bridal bouquets would be up to the mark or not, but thanks to these beautiful flowers that I got from Whole Blossoms I was able to create the most beautiful bouquets that everyone loved. The fact that the entire venue was also having a white theme, these bouquets created using white alstromeria flowers proved to be a great addition.

2.      Centrepieces and wall décor

The second way in which we were able to incorporate the flowers at the wedding venue was in the form of centrepieces. Someone had already told me that these centrepieces are going to be the most important decoration accessory. So I was a little worried whether using these white flowers would be a good idea or not. But thanks to the assortment of centrepieces offered at Whole Blossoms I got some crazy and beautiful looking options and they added perfection to the event.

3.       Floral surprise for the bride

And the best part was using these flowers to create a beautiful surprise for the bride. We all had decided to do something special at the event; so when the couple took the aisle to read their vows we showered them with these white alstromeria flowers. It was a majestic scene, which everyone loved! And all that would not have been possible without the help of Whole Blossoms.

Thanks to these professionals and some innovative ideas that we had, the wedding event proved to be a big hit amongst the guests. The memories are still fresh!