Download QuickShortcutMaker APK/App for Android, iOS and PC

Download QuickShortcutMaker APK/App for Android, iOS and PC

Hello there,

A person asked a question to me regarding making a faster way to
Setups > Ease of access > tts output on the house display . QuickShortcutMaker i am sharing my
response with you below to make sure that it may be of some benifit to you.


It let's you place shortcuts on the home display to points you cannot.
normally put there with the help of preferred launchers like nova or.
google one, and root consent is not called for.


When you release the app, you can either scroll via a long.
checklist of points or type what you want in the edit field.


The app provides as soon as you locate the point you want to make a shortcut for.
you the choice to evaluate the shortcut, so tap a button that says.
something like "Try.
Faster way." This is useful because there are lots of things that will not.
job. for instance, you can not make a faster way for uninstalling applications.
due to the fact that you have.
to head to the details app before you can uninstall it.


If your shortcut functions, there's an edit box for renaming it as well.


There's an OK switch to validate, and also after that you're done.


The new faster way shows up on the Residence screen, not in the app list. It.
keeps there even after you uninstall quick Shortcut Maker.


The app is handy in case that you wish to make a faster way for.
something that you typically wouldn't be able to make a shortcut for,.
e.g. say the "Text-To-Speech".
shortcut, so that you do not need to go to setups, availability and.
after that onto text-to-speech.


So, below is just what you do:.

  • Launch Quick ShortcutMaker.
  • The app produces a list of apps you could select from to earn shortcut for or.
  • Key in the edit box the app you want, e.g. key in Text-to-speech or merely enter Text, or Speech, and it will get hold of all the family member. applications or settings. that involve message or speech.
  • Tap on "Setups that shows up in the listing of the search you simply made.
  • That app brings it up as well as asks you to call it the way you want it or merely tap on 'develop". I suggest tapping "the name as well as enter the. name you want , e.g. if this was for "text-to-speech), Enter "text-to-speech" and touch OK.
  • Currently tap on "creat and you would have a symbol on your house screen. called "Text-to-speech".


I've been utilizing this app for some time and also I used it in developing a.
faster way to my "text-to-speech" setups on my residence screen.


I even uninstalled the app after that, as well as I still have my shortcut.


hope that may be of some assistance.


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