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A lot of the information circulating about TGA refers to the surgery which used to be preformed called the Mustard or Senning procedure. Such information can be worrisome to parents because this particular procedure didn't get as great of results as the Arterial Switch surgery, and many more complications could result. It is important for TGA parents to know what they're reading, and understand that each case is different. Also, since the Arterial Switch Surgery is so new, cardiologists can only guess about long term prognosis, so don't distress if you hear something like, "TGA children can live relatively normal lives into their twenties." It doesn't mean things will start going wrong at that time, it simply means that is the extent of our factual knowledge at this time.

However, what science has discovered in recent years is that intelligence actually exists all over the body; in fact there are neurons, similar to those in our brain, that exist in the heart and as well in the stomach. The new field of neuro-cardiology has called this bundle of neurons in the heart the heart-brain, and those in the stomach have been named the belly-brain.
In the first analysis, the researchers looked at the QT interval (the time for electrical activation and inactivation of the ventricles [lower chambers of the heart]) of almost 100 (93) healthy, young patients 18-45 years old. Each subject had just consumed one to three cans of energy drinks. The QT interval on their electrocardiograms was an average of 10 milliseconds greater after they drank the energy supplements. Long QT intervals can cause fainting, life-threatening arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), and even sudden cardiac death.
A study of over 88,000 female nurses found that those who took 2 aspirins daily for 20 years had a 58% increase in pancreatic cancer vs. those not taking aspirin. Pancreatic cancer is now #5 cause of cancer deaths and the number of cases have gone up a lot in recent years. Is aspirin to blame?
Eliminate Meat - When seniors eliminate meat (especially red meat) from their diets, they generally have lower cholesterol, blood fats, and triglycerides compared to those who continue to eat meat. The same can also be said for people who consume lots of dairy products and eggs.
Since maintaining an exercise regimen is important in cardiac failure, Gloria Yeh, M.D., assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical, studied 100 heart failure patients. Some did tai chi; others had an education group. She reported in The Archives of Internal Medicine in April, 2011, that the ones who did tai chi had a marked improvement in quality of life.
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Long term prognosis is VERY good for TGA babies. The surgery is considered "curative", meaning that once they've had it, their problem is corrected. It won't ever go back to the way it was pre-op. There are some things that can occur in TGA people who've had the Arterial Switch surgery such as narrowing of the arteries, and higher risk of developing infections. However, most complications which can arise are fairly simply corrected and further open heart surgery should not be necessary. To prevent infections, TGA people should take antibiotics for a few days before they get dental treatment, or before they have any invasive procedure. However, even that is not necessary with every patient.