Invicta Travel Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Invicta Travel Sarajevo agency offers services of tours, accommodation, transport, rent-a-car, real estates, guiding services and anything else that will need on your own go to Bosnia.
We provide multiple tour choices:
• Take a walking tour of Sarajevo and notice the place where different cultures meet to make Sarajevo unique multicultural center.
• If you are about to escape hell, come to green heaven of Vrelo Bosne. Swans, enormous amount of water all over, fresh breeze coming from Igman, rich green vegetation, parks for kids, Eco-zone are guarantee of perfect family day!
• Take a tour to Herzegovina - famous by its lavender fields, grape cultivation, wine production and its particular UNESCO heritage.
The existing Bridge in Mostar represents the best touristic attraction of Bosnia tourism. This monument reveals fantastic war story.
• When you visit Bosnia, never miss the astonishing Herzegovinian pearl of Kravice.
Let us get you there to determine the advantage of this hidden treasure.
• Go on a medieval tour to see a little more about the age when Bosnia was obviously a kingdom. Visit Jajce and Travnik or visit Vranduk and Tesanj.

Experience taught us to hear our clients and to provide them excellent and professional service. Our mission is that our customers, after getting an image of our own country, actually go back to Bosnia to go to this region again. It doesn't matter where do You result from, what matters is that You feel like being home.

To date, our experience has convinced us that we are pursuing the right tracks, because we have our guests coming back. We of professional guides can do impossible to make You feel nearer to the culture in our people, and definately will bring the turbulent history of this region closer to You.

Our clients deserve the most effective, and that we will offer touristic tours in additional than 10 different languages. We're also here to supply expats services and also to provide all kind of necessities for college students that are intending to be in Bosnia for particular period. Your wish is our command!

Welcome to the smallest country, but country packed with touristic offers! We have been here to host You, to produce Your days and dreams come true. This heart shaped country will provide unforgettable moments and scenario which You will have along with you forever.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful heart shaped country. Full of beautiful romantic places, colored with breathtaking panoramas, lakes, and rivers. Beside the long and interesting history, you'll be fascinate by Bosnian nature. Green forests, clear rivers and lakes, amazing mountains leaves you breathless. Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich country with history too, from the turbulent times, empires and unfortunate events. In order to plan your honeymoon in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is actually the right location for you.

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