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If this subtle style appeals to you, then you certainly won't be disappointed.10/10I once heard it remarked that director William Peter Blatty directs like David Lynch--but with a tighter pace! Not a bad estimation, I'd sayMuch of the movie is composed of a series of dialogues between two people in a dark room.Everett Koop Cherie Baron Chuck Kinlaw Clifford David Danny Epper David Dwyer Debra Port Demetrios Pappageorge Don Gordon Ed Flanders Edward Lynch George CIf 'Scream' is your idea of a great horror movie, this isn't one for you! The cast is not nearly young and attractive enough, there are nowhere near enough gags (though Blatty's dry, sardonic wit is happily in evidence) and the film has no pretensions at being an autopsy of the genre, therefore somehow lifting it above the films it purports to comment onBut you got to give the distributors what they want I guess


but at least we've still got Brad Dourif!! Was the above review useful to you? 17 out of 18 people found the following review useful: The best Exorcist sequel Author: Bladecatcher from United Kingdom 27 August 2009 I have heard mixed reviews of this filmScott George DiCenzo Grand LSadly, it's probably due to the risible 'Exorcist II' that this film was so overlooked, and instantly assumed to be awfulOn the contrary, its biggest problem, the out-of-character 'crowd-pleasing' SFX climax stops it from being one of the greatsI think this should really be the Exorcist II because it begins where the first one finishes, and also because The Heretic was a joke.One of the reasons why I love this film is because it is essentially a mystery film (which I'm not usually to keen on) but it also has the major horror elements that make a horror filmWhat's wrong with having to think once in a while? source A Brainy Horror Movie


not for everyone10/10 Most people go to horror movies for the emotional thrill, the gore and/or the adrenaline high of having things pop out and yell "boo!" Make no mistake: you won't find much of that hereFILENAMESIZE Cover/Exorcist 3.gif181.2 KB Cover/Info 2lions-team.txt219 B Cover/The Exorcist III Cover.jpg399.4 KB Cover/TheExorcist3-[cdcoverscc]-cd1.jpg309.6 KB Info 2lions-team/2Lions-Team.jpg146 KB Info 2lions-team/The Exorcist III The Legion .txt2.2 KB Info 2lions-team/ B VIDEOTS/VIDEOTS.BUP12 KB VIDEOTS/VIDEOTS.IFO12 KB VIDEOTS/VIDEOTS.VOB408 KB VIDEOTS/VTS010.BUP70 KB VIDEOTS/VTS010.IFO70 KB VIDEOTS/VTS010.VOB14 MB VIDEOTS/VTS011.VOB1024 MB VIDEOTS/VTS012.VOB1024 MB VIDEOTS/VTS013.VOB1024 MB VIDEOTS/VTS014.VOB1024 MB VIDEOTS/VTS015.VOB189.5 MB.George CIn one conversation you'll hear about a murder so vile that you'll never want to hear the word "catheter" again

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