How to choose a handbag for your body type

How to choose a handbag for your body type

Let’s be honest, we women just love our handbags. The handbag love has outgrown so much that we're ready to spend more on a handbag than  on a holiday or a piece of precious jewelry.

Why do women find bags so desirable? May be because we can showcase it as a symbol of style or status, or may be that there are so many styles of handbags that we never get tired of shopping for handbags?

Generally speaking, when it comes to choosing handbags, picking the opposite shape of your body type is the most suitable. Confused? Don’t be, here’s your go-to guide to buying handbags according to your body type –

For the tall and slender ladies -

If you are tall and thin, choose a handbag which is short, slouchy and rounded. Pick a bag that is wider than taller, and draws attention to your long arms. Refrain from buying a small handbag, as it will make you look bigger than you are. Pick shimmery colors with bold patterns.

For the petite lady -

Small handbags work best for petite women. However, you can choose a medium sized handbag as well. But, a handbag that is too big can break your entire appearance, making you look even shorter.

For the curvaceous ladies -

For the curvy figured ladies, handbags that are box-like or structured work the best. Handbags which are more structured help balance out the curves of your body, and thus suit you well. Small bags are a definite no-no, as they will make you appear bigger. Buy handbags with bold patterns and colors, which end just above the hips.

For the plus sized ladies -

Plus-sized ladies need to carry bags that accentuate the right places and hide the wrong ones. Again, a small handbag is a complete no-no for you. Choose bags that are in proportion to your body size, with short to medium length straps.

For the top heavy ladies -

Women with a large bust and heavy shoulders should never carry tiny handbags with short handles. You need to do your best to draw attention away from your bosom. Choose handbags with long straps and are medium sized.

For wide hip ladies-

Bottom-heavy women would want to divert attention from their hips to the upper part of the body. Choose a handbag with a short strap, which can be tucked under your arm. Pick a medium-sized shoulder handbag that ends well above the hips.

If you know the art of dressing and accessorizing, you would be able to hide most of your flaws, while drawing attention to your fest features. Choose your handbags keeping in mind your body type, without overlooking your personal sense of style! For more details, visit here.