I was made happy by the world,

the pleasing faces and inspiring talks

took me to its way and I who was overwhelmed

 by the pleasure inducing incidents,

forgot the real path of my life! the

path by which i had to go and the path,

which i should never let go! then like a

butterfly in a new land, I float in the

sky of my freedom,spreading the vibrant

colors,which I had by myself !

At the midst of my journey of joy,

something had striken me,so fast and

so deep,like a maleficent was I at that

moment realising that my wings of freedom

were cut of !!! I was falling,yelling for help,the

pain of my heart was left undiscovered ! The pleasing faces

and inspiring talks,all had left and what was left....was

just ME ! the me with no wings, no smile and no freedom!

The world has broken me ,the people left and so

did i retreated to a world set by me,the world of peace,

the world of silence,the world set up for the

retreating souls!