All the night, it rained...rained and

rained cats and dogs along with great-

thunder and the creative art of lightning

continued amongst the clouds! The lillies,

the tulips and the orchids all shuddered

and shivering were they in the gardens...

The trees danced at the strong blow of the-

wind not knowing its way, maybe came

from the west...The chickade, frightened by-

the lightning, clutched its mother- searching

for warmth. The cold breeze unknowingly

entered my room and I who was sitting near

the window watching the sights, felt the

cold call of the wind! Suddenly I felt thankful,

thankful to the creator for making-

me safe, safe under a roof and comfortable

on my bed. My mind flew to the people

in the streets , the little children who are

the sons and daughters of just the street!

Being afraid , feeling cold, seeking help!

I could just pray for them that the Lord

of all may guard them, keep them safe,

thank him again for all the blessings and love that he gave!

Still all the night, it rained,

rained and rained cats and dogs....