Gratitude - That Feelin' (feat. Nicole Jackson)

Described as ‘Modern House Music’, Bristol’s Gratitude have released ‘That Feelin’ (feat. Nicole Jackson) on the 16th November, bringing a fresh rework of classic house music as they incorporate modern live elements with analogue processing, to create a balance between live and digital aspects and a fresh twist on house music.
Released by Origin House Records!
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Compared to artists such as Disclosure and Shadowchild, Gratitude is a house music duo consisting of two members, Mason Wilkins (Mace) and Ivor Anderson (DJ Bunjy) who met at a guitar session and discovered that they shared the same vision and influences. From this point onwards, Mace and DJ Buniy started writing music together at Bunjy’s Studio in Motion (biggest underground club in Bristol) and Gratitude was born.

Vocalist Nicole Jackson (2011 smash hit ‘Get Out of My Head’ – Redlight) was brought in to feature on the track, and the result is a musical journey that begins with sultry vocals on a bed of lush and cinematic synths and guitar. This progresses and leads to a huge drop followed by heavy minimal kick and bass. Incorporating elements of live instrumentation along with house production, ‘That Feelin’ strikes a balance between a smooth and chilled electronic house track, but with a driving authenticity.

The accompanying video focuses largely on Nicole Jackson, and follows her journey throughout the day, with her vocals providing a soothing and magnetic storyline. Her presence is a captivating one, and as the track builds and then drops, the excellent production is showcased by it’s simplicity.

‘That Feelin’ (feat. Nicole Jackson) is definitely a track that can provide a soundtrack to the clubs in the UK, Europe and beyond with it’s fusion of live elements, analogue production and traditional house music.

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