Different Brands Of Porcelain Veneers, Explained By Dallas Veneers Dentist, Dr. Mark Sowell

The following is a list of commercially available veneer systems that a advertised direct to the patients in the media and the internet.

Lumineers brand veneers- are a brand of veneers that are lucite reinforced pressed ceramic (porcelain) made only by the Ceranate Design Studio of the Denmat Corporation and shipped to our Dallas cosmetic dentistry office. This is designed for the minimal of no reshaping technique. The benefit is that it a reversible procedure requiring no needles or temporaries. It can be made to a thickness of only .2 mm, like contact lenses. Since it is advocated in the no -minimal reshaping technique the teeth are somewhat broader (.4 mm) and thicker (.2mm). and dramatic changes in color and shape are more difficult without making thicker. This is an excellent choice for my Dallas cosmetic dentistry patients who are fearful of having their teeth reshaped but want some esthetic improvements.

Mac Veneers- This is a veneer made and shipped to our Dallas dental practice by Micro Dental Laboratory. They use predominately pressed ceramic made my Ivoclar called Empress but they also have some ceramists who are trained in stacked (feldspathic) ceramics.

DaVinci Veneers- This is a brand of veneers made by DaVinci Dental Laboratory in California and sent to our cosmetic dentistry dentist office in Dallas, TX. This is the laboratory that made the veneers for Bill Dorfman, DDS in the TV show "Extreme Makeover". They make veneers predominately from feldspathetic ceramic (stacked porcelain).

Empress Veneers- This brand is a pressed ceramic veneer made by Ivoclar Corporation and sold to dental laboratories all over the world and used in some cases in our Dallas cosmetic dental practice for patients who clench or grind their teeth (clenchers and grinders). There are other dental companies that make pressed ceramic but Ivoclar is the biggest and best know. Any ceramist can buy and use this system. I have discussed its strengths and weaknesses in my discussion of pressed ceramics.

Durathins Veneers - A brand of Feldspathic (stacked) porcelain veneers, these porcelains are sold to ceramists all over the world; one of the biggest producers is the Vita Corporation. I have discussed its strengths and weaknesses above in my discussion of feldspatheitc (stacked) porcelains.

Emax Veneers (Lithium Disilicate) - This is the newer and strongest of the veneer materials, it is available to all ceramists and dentist. It has tremendous upside due to its durability but has more esthetic limitations that the others porcelains mentioned. Ivoclar Corporation, its producer, is developing new more natural colors and better translucency.

With all the different brands of veneers available today, cosmetic dentistry patients should select a dentist that is highly experienced in porcelain veneer makeovers and offer a variety of options to best meet the need of the patient's unique situation. Often one brand of porcelain or composite veneers does not "fit all", so be sure that the brand of veneers that you receive as a patient are the kind of veneers that fit your individual needs and desires.

By: Mark Sowell

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