Dual temperature & dual pump series water chiller recommended by S&A to support 1,500W or higher Raycus laser

When visiting the plant of the laser customer Manager Ji, S&A found that Raycus fiber lasers were mainly used and supported by single temperature chillers. For example, 500W Raycus fiber laser used CW-6100 chiller with a cooling capacity of 4,200W; 700-800W Raycus fiber laser used CW-6200 chiller with a cooling capacity of 5,100W; and 1,500W Raycus fiber laser was supported by CW-6300 chiller with a cooling capacity of 8,500W.
In this regard, S&A recommended to Manager Ji that provision of dual temperature and dual pump types for 1,500W or higher fiber lasers would better protect the lasers. The 1,500W fiber laser, for example, is recommended to be provided with CW-6250EN dual temperature & dual pump chiller with a cooling capacity of 6,7500W.
PS: The water chillers of dual temperature and dual pump series are specially designed for fiber lasers. Such chillers have two separate temperature control systems that isolate the high temperature end and the low temperature end. The lower temperature end cools the fiber body, while the high temperature end cools QHB connection or lens.
Thank you so much for your support and trust in S&A. All S&A water chillers have passed the certification of ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH, and the warranty period has been extended to 2 years. Our products are worthy of your trust!
S&A has a perfect laboratory test system to simulate the use environment of water chillers, conduct high-temperature test and improve quality continuously, aiming to make you use at ease; and S&A has a complete material purchasing ecological system and adopts the mode of mass production, with annual output of 60,000 units as a guarantee for your confidence in us.
The technical parameter of CW-6200:http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/Dualcoolingcircuitch.html

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