6 Tips and Tricks to Achieve More Downloads for Your App

6 Tips and Tricks to Achieve More Downloads for Your App

Now a day’s all sorts of businesses are developing mobile app to attract more new and existing customers. So there is an increased demand for mobile app development companies in North Carolina, London and across the world. Businesses give high prominence for app development, but neglect app store optimization. App store optimization is the method of increasing your app installs through various techniques. Here some tips and tricks to do ASO to achieve more downloads.

Selecting the Right Title

Title of your app is a key factor to rank your app, so choose it wisely. Make sure your targeted word (keyword) is in the title. But make sure the keywords are not stuffed, your app may be rejected because of this reason.

Choose Situational Keywords

Based on how many downloads and how much traffic your app is getting, you need to adjust keywords. For example, if your mobile app is getting more traffic and downloads, then you can target more competitive keywords that have higher traffic. If you have just launched the app, I suggest you to choose the keywords that have less competition. There are likely some keywords that are less targeted, but have decent traffic. 

Localize By Country

Every app store is separated geographically by country, so you should localize your app to be discovered in different languages. App store allows you to change the Meta data within your app depending on the country where your keywords are searched. Some companies use Google Translate or get the help of native speakers to localize their apps. Localization is a key component for having an effective global presence. Just think of all the untapped markets that you can reach and how easily you can increase more users with this market.

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Use Powerful Images and Wordings

Once people are able to explore your app, the rest depends on encouraging them to download the app. To optimize conversions, you should use attractive images and content. Make sure your app will include important aspects and also make sure captions in the pitchers. You’d be surprised to see how a simple tweak of an image or word increased downloads.  

Pay Attention to Ratings, Reviews and descriptions

Rating and reviews don’t impact your ranking much, but they have more impact on conversion rates. The app that has more positive reviews users probably get more downloads. And also make sure your app include an interesting and enticing description to explain users what your app about.

Follow the Data

App store optimization is a long-term process, which need your time and experience. You have to properly check your keywords over the period of time, and also you have to check images and description on changing trends. So make sure you follow the data and find out what works for your app specifically.  

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