3 Things for Couples to Do When Visiting the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast can be described as dynamic, scenic and majestic. In fact, the descriptive words for Australia’s hottest holiday spot can go on and on. But, one important descriptive word is often overlooked – romantic. Partners of all types can find adventure, fun, relaxation and most importantly, romance here. Romantic activities on the Gold Coast include strolls along the headland, relaxing in Hinterland and finding romantic adventures around every corner – just a few things to do in Gold Coast.


Romantic Strolls Along the Headland

Coolangatta’s headland has some of the most picturesque and interesting views on the Gold Coast. You and your partner can marvel at the giant green frog-like rock on Froggy’s Beach, watch the waves of Snapper Rocks on Rainbow Bay, laugh at the dolphins or just watch the sun come up. In fact, the headland is famous for its beautiful sunrises, specifically Froggy’s, which has seen its fair share of infamous sunrise shots. This place is so romantic that it hosts thousands of weddings each year. And, if you’re lucky, you just might be able to catch one as you stroll along the beach.


Relaxation and Romance in Hinterland

Hinterland is located 30 minutes away from the coastal strip, and is home to sleepy villages, boutique vineyards, hobby farms, national parks and more. One of the more famous romantic sites in Hinterland is Springbrook. With its awesome lookouts and multitude of walking trails, Springbrook was made for nature lovers and romantics. Plus, you can drive down the road to the Goomoolahra Picnic Area and have a romantic picnic backdropped by lush foliage and tumbling water.

For an even more impressive view, you should visit Mount Tamborine or the Tamborine Mountain National Park in Hinterland. Tamborine Mountain National Park offers impressive scenery and mountaintop views of Queensland. The park also has providores and wineries seemingly around every corner, and little is more romantic than a date at a winery.


Romantic Adventures

Heart racing activities are a good way to loosen up, have some fun and connect with your partner, and the Gold Coast isn’t lacking in high adrenaline, exciting activities and adventures. You and your partner can zip around the coast in a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 and TVR Tamora during an all-day adventure provided by Rent a Dream Car and their Car and Spa package. You can also take a ride on a Paradise Jetboat and explore Broadwater’s beach and sand bars.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you and your partner can walk hand-and-hand atop the Q1 skyscraper and watch the sunset at twilight. However, if you’re a true nature lover, you might find excitement and learning at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary more appealing. There, you can zipline through the trees, cuddle the koalas or admire Australia’s wildlife during a Segway safari of romantic stroll on the walking trail.