Why Do Most People Want To Have An Adventure Of Mount Meru Trekking?

Why Do Most People Want To Have An Adventure Of Mount Meru Trekking?

Planning for trekking a Mountain that is easy to climb? Almost all the mountains except Mount Meru , known as the younger sister of Mt. Kilimanjaro , in Tanzania , Africa are arduous to climb. Plan for Mount Meru Trekking on your next vacation to have an adventurous experience of a life time.  Meru is a great mountain to climb and offers spectacular scenery, including views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain is unspoilt and less congested compared to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. It takes three days to stand at 4566 m at the pick of the mountain and there is only one way to climb onto the mountain, “the Momela route where all the registration and payments are done.


The general schedule of Mount Meru Trekking


On the 1st day the climb starts out in the grasslands of the lower slopes where we will encounter: giraffes, buffalos and warthogs and then lush forest inhabited by bushbucks, red duikers, blue / Skye’s monkeys, black & white colobus monkeys and some variety of birds to Miriakamba Huts. A three to four hours journey from the foot hill.


The destination of the day 2 is the Saddle Huts. You would stop at Mgongo wa Tembo (Elephant Ridge) viewpoint for lunch. After a little bit of rest you would start hiking to the summit of little Meru which has sheer cliffs of the crater wall. Nice to watch the spectacular sight of the glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro that changes it’s hue at sunset from Little Meru.


On day see the sunrise from behind Mt. Kilimanjaro. Pass through the narrow edge of the crater to the summit. If the weather is favorable see the active volcano of Mt. Oldoinyo Lengai to the west, and below find the town of Arusha and the plains of the Maasai steppe. From the summit return to Miriakamba Huts for stopping for lunch and a rest at Saddle Huts.


Day 4 is the day of descending back through the forest to Momela gate and take a drive to Arusha.


Mount Meru Trekking is nowhere difficult or technical, but the altitude may well affect some people adversely. For the 3 or 4 days invested in the climb, Mount Meru will yield a rich reward of scenery, wildlife, flora and geology. She will also provide the radical changes in environment that will refresh your spirit and the physical challenge that would renew your body. Accept the challenge of Mount Meru Trekking. It is fascinating and exciting.


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