5 Weight Losing Tips: Fat Loss the Lazy Way

So many people lurch from one fat loss plan to the next, forever searching for that elusive secret that will allow them to finally  weight loss. There seems to be a whole industry built on empty promises and unfortunately people keep buying into the promises because they are so desperate to find the answer. Well I can't promise this is a completely lazy way, but if you follow these 5 weight losing tips you should start to notice some weight loss without too much effort. Just remember the best, most healthy weight loss is slow and steady.

Forget Fad Diets. Diets that involve counting calories or points are just too difficult to stick to. Diets that involve cutting out one food group or another will always be temporary and are just not a healthy way to weight loss.

Instead try to build a healthier relationship with food. Know which are healthy and which should be occasional treats. If you eat a diet that is high in fats and sugar you will provide your body with more energy than it needs and it will store this energy as fat.

There is no need to be hungry, just choose your foods wisely. Eat high carb foods such as pasta, oat based products and rice - these will release energy slowly helping to avoid hunger. Avoid full fat dairy products and fatty snacks such as biscuits, cakes, crisps and nuts.

Increase Your Exercise Whatever level of exercise you get now you can increase it gradually. Don't go wild and try to go from nothing to a Marathon. Just a small increase will encourage your body to burn more calories.

The aim is to try something that will increase your heart-rate and make you slightly breathless. The good news is that if you are carrying extra weight loss your body will burn more naturally as more effort is needed to carry out any activity.

Even if you are confined to bed or a chair you can increase your activity level. Swinging your arms or lifting small weights will probably get you breathless. Then, each week try to add a little more.

Get Healthy Inside. If your body is not functioning well it can't rid itself of waste effectively. Make sure your gut is working well by drinking plenty of water and eating high fibre foods such as whole-grain, fruit and vegetables.

You might want to try a food supplement designed to help cleanse your colon. This alone can kick-start your weight loss.

Use Empty Minutes. So many people have told me they don't have time to exercise. Rubbish. What they mean is they don't want to commit to the gym or going jogging. Great news. You don't have to. Just make use of time that you spend doing very little. Waiting in line? Clench and release your thighs and buttocks to tone them. Travelling on the bus? Try pulling your tummy muscles in and up, release and repeat. Going up to your office? Try taking at least one flight of stairs. You get the idea, just incorporate your exercise into those empty minutes of waiting or travelling or... Get creative.

Get Your Mind Onside This is probably the most important of all. You just will never succeed if your brain isn't programmed for success. Make sure you know why you want to lose weight and write those reasons down. Make sure they are the reasons that get an emotional reaction; those are the reasons that count. Here are a few real reasons I have heard; "Because I want to be around when my grandson is born." "Because I want to look good in my wedding dress." "Because I would like to walk without gasping for breath." "Because I want to feel good about myself."

So What's your reason? Drop over to weight loss and leave a comment. I would love to know your reasons By the way  is packed with weight losing tips information and advice about sensible approaches to weight loss. Hope you will let me know your reasons and your successes.