4 tips that will help you have a refined portrait retouch

4 tips that will help you have a refined portrait retouch

What comes to mind the moment someone says to you, ‘I am a photographer’? Well, it is obvious that most of us tend to droll along the fun of having a camera. And perhaps sometimes we even fantasize with broad smiles, ‘I think I can be a great photographer.’ But owe unto us because we have no idea what it entails.

Listen! Fascinating photos don’t just happen or just by a mere shoot out. Hey! A lot more happens behind the scene.  Have you heard about portrait retouch? And what comes to mind immediately? Your guess is as good because it is basically about photo editing to get the best of looks. So we will learn about some of the smart tips we can apply in achieving these looks: -

1.      Understanding of the light

It is true that we all need light when making on photo shots. But the question is, how well do we use it? Basically given that it is natural, sun offers the best light. But nevertheless, there are those who prefer studio light. All in all it is all about how you manipulate it. But you must know that harsh lighting can be unflattering for a portrait.


2.      Are you aware of your background?

Whenever you are taking a photo shoot, do you take time to reaffirm what it at the background of your subject? More often than not, they can be distractive especially if you are doing a period themed shoot.


3.      Don’t over-expose the image

In as much as over-exposure can always be corrected in Photoshop try as much not to over-expose. Over-exposed images tend to lose more details, which apparently you may not be able to bring back.


4.      Editing of the skin requires a lot of care. This sounds laughable; right! But it should not be because we must have all encountered blurred or shopped skin.  That means it has lost the detail.

But do you know that portrait retouching also involves resizing of images?  How many of us have had to deal with blurry and unprofessional images?  And by the way we are not only taking about making them smaller because we can also resize to enlarge them.  While images come in different formats lets learn how to resize JPG.



1.      Use of perfect Resize

This gives you a smart way to resize your images. But it is not free. You will have to part with $50 for a regular version and $150 for a premium version which contains plugin for Adobe photoshop.


2.      Use of Irfanview

While it may only be available for Windows based operating systems, it provides a smarter way of making images larger.   


3.      Free software Gimp

It is primarily effective for images with minimum quality loss given that it is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

We would love to hear from you. What experiences have you had in resizing your images and what tools were you using? Do you think what is discussed above would be helpful in giving your images that professional look?