Handcrafted Jewellery from Brazil

Precious stones specifically diamonds and rubies are frequently applied in jewellery due to the fact that they are both rare as well as exceptional. For the same reasons these fabulous jewels come along with significant price tags which shows that there use is reserved for jewellery in which distinguishes specific events, e.g. wedding rings as well as for luxurious items. I am sure that you may have acknowledged that a lot of items of costume and fashion jewellery are certainly often referred to as comprising of semi-precious jewels which there prices are remarkably less. And so what exactly are these kinds of semi-precious gemstones? Effectively like all precious stones they are naturally occurring and mined from in the ground which signifies that they feature all the uniqueness of diamonds since no pair of pieces are the very same.

Exactly what specifies semi-precious is definitely more to do with the premium quality and accessibility of the gemstones than their authentic chemical make up. Actually even a number of rubies and diamonds can possibly be offered for sale as less expensive semi-precious grade. Therefore, semi-precious gems possess all the organic beauty of gems but because they are not as unique they have the opportunity to be retailed at much lower prices and this makes them perfect for use in handmade costume jewellery in which they can easily enrich unique as well as personal products.

Turquoise- a cloudy blue-green gem is commonly classified as semi-precious. It possesses a magnificent and gorgeous colour combination which in turn has meant that it has been granted ornate use for hundreds of years and was significantly used by ancient cultures for adornment - most especially those of traditional Egypt and China.

The Aztecs likewise made good use of turquoise as part of mosaic inlays when it comes to masks, shields, weapons and also sculptures as well as without a doubt for jewellery. This ancient gem has consistently remained fashionable thanks to its fresh as well as enticing colour.

Quartz is actually a translucent stone that is composed of silicon dioxide and is itself very common but it occurs in many varieties and some are remarkably stunning.

Citrine is a yellow sort of quartz and this can easily develop in the same gemstone as amethyst- the most gorgeous of quartzes.

Amethyst is a see-through purple, mauve or violet rock and the very vivid and vibrant assortments are incredibly eye-catching and seductive. This stone is thought to have protective properties, especially against intoxication and for providing protection to crops as well as clearing out evil spirits. It is at the same time believed to inspire intellect and as a rock of friendship.

Jade is actually one more magnificently superb gemstone and this one is green having a refined lustre. It has definitely been known to man ever since prehistorical times when it was valued for its sturdiness that made it a great element for weapons and instruments. In China jade has always been appreciated cosmetically and has had specific significance as 'the imperial jewel' and utilized for producing exceptional and extravagant items. Maybe as a result of its soothing green tint, jade has been referred to as the gemstone of personal peacefulness, harmony and also equilibrium.

Carnelian is a red or reddish brown assortment of chalcedony that is semi-transparent and features a waxy lustre. It was put to use extensively by the Romans for signet and seal rings thanks to its rare property in which heated wax will not stick to it. Carnelian is considered to encourage friendship and also cheerfulness and is also highly recommended to timid individuals given that it is claimed to give them backbone.

All of the semi-precious gemstones possess an extraordinary elegance of their own and I believe that they will always be popular due to this. I think that their price along with their individuality makes them perfect to use in handcrafted costume jewellery where it is very important for items to be both personal and unique. For a stunning range of handcrafted jewellery which makes use of semi-precious gems, take a look at Sirikorndesigns who supply handmade jewellery from Brazil and beautiful hand crafted jewellery from Thailand. hand made jewellery