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The signs of early cataracts can be progressed with new prescription glasses, better lighting fixtures or powerful sun shades. Once cataracts development surgical operation is the simplest powerful remedy.

Surgery is normally recommended in cases in which cataracts motive impairment of vision to such an quantity that every day activities are affected. Surgery may not be recommended if there are other pre-existing medical situations, including eye situations inclusive of glaucoma, which may additionally have an effect on the success of the cataract surgery. Eye hospitals in Chennai


Cataract surgical procedure entails doing away with the cataract-damaged lens and replacing it with a clear plastic lens called an intraocular lens (IOL). The eye is cautiously measured previous to surgical operation in order that the ideal sized intraocular lens may be decided on. The intention of surgical treatment is to restore imaginative and prescient (particularly distance imaginative and prescient) as a lot as possible.