How being in Delhi gives a sense of being to us

How being in Delhi gives a sense of being to us

Pride is something every Delhi-ite carries, whether they are born and/or brought up in Delhi or not. You do not have to spend years in the national capital to get that feeling of self-worth; just a couple of months are enough to make you realize the value of this city and never leave, unless circumstances make you do so. Even though pride is one among the seven deadly evils; it is an only sin that states huge differences between its negative and positive connotations. 

Delhi as a city and its residents are known to have a big heart, and that shows in almost every aspect of life. The Dillwalo ki Dilli is an oft-quoted phrase, which may not be entirely true in the current times, but it still holds truth. Every city in India, or in the world for that matter, has its residents who feel proud of taking birth there. However, one may often ask as to what is there to be so delighted about being a part of Delhi? What in other cities is not there to give you that feeling of superiority that Delhi gives? Yes, there are a lot of reasons.

The big heart

Delhi has always been the pioneer of things and activities unlike other cities of the country. As people from other parts of the country, except a few places of course, are generally shy in nature, they do not really feel motivated to initiate things. However, people in Delhi are known to have that courage to take risks and give a shot to every new thing. Fashion in every form begins from Delhi or Mumbai. Automobiles, technology, medicine, or politics- you just need to name it, and you can see only this one city pioneering in every field.

Almost every new concept takes birth in the national capital and then travels to other places. The Self-Drive Cars, for example, though emerged in Bangalore for the first time, are picking up more growth in Delhi. Car Rental in Delhi without Driver has seen so much popularity during the weekends that they are breaking their own records every month. Self-Driven Cars Delhi did not have any demand in the first place. And when the concept of Self-Drive Cars came to the city, the residents welcomed it with a warm heart. They love the idea of not investing in a depreciable vehicle and just renting a cab or a Self-Drive Car whenever they need it.

The passion for growth

The Delhi-ites show tremendous urge to grow and defeat the others that are not seen anywhere else in its healthiest form. Yes, there is cut-throat competition in the city to succeed, which is increasingly becoming difficult day by day, but you will find most of the population good at heart. You just need to be smart in the city to survive, being mean is not a necessity as it is in the world's more progressive metropolitans.

The welcoming spirit

Many people claim that the Delhi-ites are racist towards people from other states as they have a superiority complex in them. While it is partially true that the inhabitants of Delhi do feel proud of being a part of this place, it does not mean that they do not accept people from other states. They receive everyone migrating from any corner of the world and let them call Delhi their home. Joking about anyone, including themselves is in the blood of Delhi-ites, but that does not count as racism. It is like kidding about your family members while involving them in the humor.

The provision of facilities 

Whether you earn a meager salary or a hefty monthly income, you will not starve in Delhi if you have the will to survive. You just need to be zealous about earning enough for yourself and your family, and Delhi will never let you sleep on an empty stomach. Many educated and half-educated people in the national capital have made transformed their lives just by having faith in an idea and executing it.

The glorious history

It is not without reason that Delhi has the feeling of honor attached to it. The ancient rulers and citizens have created an admirable history in Delhi for others to read and learn. Not only the monuments but the intellectual and political history of the national capital gives a subject of learning to many.

The joy of being in Delhi

Again, it is not without reason that people feel happy at a single chance of being in Delhi, not to mention residing there forever. Mumbai and Delhi used to be the two central powers of India after liberalization. Getting a job transfer in any of these cities meant perks for the family as well as self. Having a house in the urban city, having a great education for children, and world-class facilities all around you would certainly give pleasure to anyone on earth.