How to Ace a Class You Hate

With the upcoming semester there will definitely be at least one class that you do not like. Sitting through a boring lecture based classroom and be daunting and drive you crazy. So how do you get yourself ready for this class so that you can get an A without committing Hari Kari.

The first thing to consider is, is it the class you hate or the subject? If it is the subject, then you really don’t have too much to worry about. There is tutoring help on campus, and for those of you that do not like to write you may want to consider a college paper writing service.

If you decide to use a service, keep in mind that it is for examples of how your work should be structured. Do not get in the habit of using these services to complete all of your work. You will be cheating yourself out of an education.

If it is the lecture that is boring, (not all teachers can keep you engaged), then follow these suggestions:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep- This will keep you from falling asleep in class. When we are bored, we nod, and that is not a good impression you want to keep leaving on your professor.
  2. Exercise before class- This will help you with your energy levels up during class.
  3. Reward Yourself- Plan a reward immediately after, or during your class with a special snack that you don’t normally eat. Make sure it’s okay with the Professor that you can eat a snack in class.

Something that is quiet is a good bet. Like jellybeans, although a piece of fruit is a better option because sugar gives you instant highs but big lows.

  1. Dress Nicely- Just because you live on campus is no reason to show up to class in half of your pajamas. When you are dressed nice and clean feel confident instead of bored.
  2. Dance to Music Before Class- Plug your favorite song into your earbuds and get jiggy-with-it on your way to class. Music is a great motivator for almost any activity, that is why it is included in every event under the sun, even funerals.
  3. Doodle- Artwork during note-taking helps in two ways. As you listen to the lecture, doodle a visual about the information you are hearing.
  4. You are establishing in your brain a physical and visual relationship that is a form of study that will help you get that A. It reinforces the information so that you remember it better.

If it is the Subject

Maybe you hate the class because you just don’t get it. Besides deciding to drop it before you have to pay for something that you don’t understand, which you should do within the first couple of weeks, you can get help from a tutor.

Maybe your professor is not clear on the concepts of the material. You can get online help also. There are free lessons online dealing with math, science, history and many other subjects. Do not sit through the entire 10-15 weeks not learning the content. It is a waste of time and money. Try these tips:

Ø  Talk to your professor. Tell them that you are having trouble grasping the material and it is causing you to drift off from the lessons. They will appreciate that you are concerned about your studies and may have suggestions on how to up your performance.

Ø  Look to your classmates- check out who seems to be enjoying the class and ask them to help. Let them know what you are struggling with and ask if they are available to help you. Not only will you get help but you make a friend in the process.

Ø  Tack up reminders in your room- keep reminders nearby that let you know how much you need this class.

You are probably not the only one in class that hates the class. Study your peers one day, look for the one that is laying their head down, looking out of the window, or rolling their eyes in pure boredom. After class introduce yourself if you do not know them and start a conversation about how much this class bores you.

You will have found someone that you have something in common with. Suggest that you study together, and sit together from now on. Sometimes when you don’t feel alone in a situation, it helps to change your outlook. Make a pact that no matter how boring the class is, the two of you are going to get an A.

Whatever happens, if you don’t drop the class, don’t give up trying to find ways to enjoy it so that you can pass it. Here’s to hating it and still getting that A!