The night bid goodbye and a new day

arrived,as usual did I went

for my walk along the valley of the

river and the street.The people  were

ready in their ways oh habiliments to

get into their daily works.As I moved on,

all of a sudden came a phantasmagoric

scene in front of me,dragging me into it!

The sensationary feel made me forget the

world as the new world that has embraced

me sparkingly.The land was profused with

beauty and undiscovered secrets! My soul

like a nascent sun got excited to spread

in this land of lucency.Unleashing the beauty

I walked on and the gaiety of my heart

was far from the words to describe.Here the

trees smiled and bowed at me,the wind came

and tickled me and the sky showered a

gallimaufry of love,joy and content on me!

The birds talked and sung with me ,the

flowers danced at their places with happiness.

I was so into this world and the sights around me

were totally different from reality! Then came a

group of little fairies with a coronet and

with a great eulogy they crowned me their land,

the land of wonders was made the kingdom of mine!

I stood proud with a euphoric mind and the

prestigious moment made me still for sometime..

Then came something to me and I was pulled

back so strong and I wasback in the street

amongst the people..I stood their again as before

not knowing what had happened right now! again

totally different from reality...