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Beast Workout Videos Free Download



While you are holding the dumbbell up, slowly bring the dumbbell down until your arms are extended and your muscles are stretchedYou will be using an ez-curl bar or a barbell instead of a dumbbell hereSlightly twist your wrist so that when raising the dumbbells your palms are faced upInstructions to do this exercise properly Lie down on a decline bench securing your legs at the other endOverhead Cable Curl Biceps Exercise October 22, 2010No comments This is a biceps strengthening exerciseQ:309474851 5Use both your hands with your palms facing upFlexor Incline Dumbbell Curls Biceps Exercise September 14, 2010No comments This is strength training exercise for biceps 12:0012:00 3This is your initial positionDumbbells are needed to perform this exercise properly(more…) Share This is your initial position (more…) Share


4Instructions to do this exercise properly Sit down on an inclined bench while holding dumbbells in each of your hands at arms lengthInstructions to do cable triceps extension properly Place the bench in front or next to the pulley machine(more…) Share You need a cable pulley machine to do this exercise Overhead Cable Curl Exercise Guide Before you start the exercise set up some weight at the sides of the pulley machine, be sure that the weight on each side are of same amount of weight Decline EZ Bar Triceps Extension December 29, 2010No comments This exercise is similar to decline dumbbell triceps extension(more…) Share While inhaling, keeping your upper arms stationary, move the dumbbells down slowly in circular motion till your thumbs are near your earsMake sure that your arms are vertical to the groundapp 13352,2528 13352,2528 Hammer Curls Biceps Exercise October 28, 2010No comments This is a biceps strengthening exercise(more…) Share Instructions to do this exercise properlyNow move the dumbbells at shoulder length in front of youGrab a straight bar attached above the head to a high pulley with the hands approximately 6 inches distant from your palms with palms facing downward

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