Increase Conversions Using The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin - A Quick Review For All Web Marketers

The number of affiliate marketers has increased considerably in recent years and most likely due to widespread financial hardship. The accessibility of tools and solutions for affiliate marketers truly has never been greater. One such new arrival is The Product Style Affiliate Wordpress Plugin developed by experienced internet marketing entrepreneur, Ryan Stevenson. Ryan brings his approximately fifteen years of affiliate marketing, product creation and substantial Amazon Associate marketing experience into this new plugin. There is simply too much to handle in this review, but we will offer a glimpse into what exists for you.
The Product Style Plugin is compatible with Wordpress versions 2.7 and higher. Of course Ryan has went on to update his plugin, so no worries about forward compatibility with forthcoming Wordpress releases. We all understand about terrible documentation with various kinds of products, and that is not going to be any kind of concern here due to thorough user instructions. Ryan supplies detailed instructions available in PDF format as well as making them available on the Product Style Plugin website in the "Plugin Features" page.
The only focus with this plugin is to enhance conversion rates, and that's all it is designed to accomplish. Ryan's knowledge with optimizing for conversion rates plus his substantial experience offer a lot of assurance. First, understand that you will experience full control over the look, feel and design of your advertisements. Also, you can employ the ads you custom build with Amazon, Clickbank and even Commission Junction which are obviously the most preferred affiliate networks. The construction of your own variations of HTML ads is quickly done through the Admin section. Ryan has mentioned that he believes affiliates will see greater success, and conversions, when they are able to exercise full design control for the best possible integration across a wide range of site designs.
Custom designing your ads is easy using the Admin user interface section where you input all your ad specifications. Just a couple of cases are indicating ad categories and any options that are appropriate for any ad. If you engage in international promotion, and you should, then you will like the country precise settings for your ads. If you are knowledgeable with what many successful affiliates have been expressing, reaching out and making use of foreign markets can be very lucrative. So what you have is the capability to decide where your ads will appear which is, again, extra control. Naturally this feature pertains specifically to Amazon product marketing which is really blazing hot.
Certainly you can apply graphics with your ads and modify ad characteristics such as the colors and widths of ad borders as well as more than a single border. You can select your background colors which includes using a header background for use on your ads. There is an Amazon ad Enhanced setting that can be customized for Amazon marketing. What this indicates is you can customize the structure of Amazon Enhanced ads if you choose to use them.