Fundraising with Flowers, A Beautiful Way of Raising Funds for Schools

Most organizations hold fundraising events to support charities or give financial support for any reasons that they may have. Fundraising events usually involve buying t-shirts, small household items and other conventional products. However, an often over looked way of raising funds is through fundraising with flowers.

Since there are many people who are in love with different kinds of flowers, raising funds by selling different kinds of flowers and arranging them attractively is sure to be another great option for many fundraisers. Fundraising for your city or within your school or organization can be made more colorful and fun by choosing to fundraising with flowers. From your stay at home mom to your business man coming home from a hard days work, wholesale flowers appeal to just about everyone regardless of their job or income status.

wholesale red roses for fundraising

What Events are Best Choices for Fundraising with Flowers?

To guarantee the success of your fundraising project, it is best that you will choose the right event where you should sell your wholesale flowers. So, what are these events? Rosenerds provides the following ideas below:

  • Homecoming

This is one of the best events where you can sell flowers to your friends and classmates back in your high school or college days. There are sure to be schools who would want to purchase them to decorate their homecoming tables with a beautiful wholesale flowers arrangement. You may even find several couples that would like to split the cost of buying wholesale flowers for homecoming and offer them a great price and free shipping in the process. At these events, you can let everyone know where the proceeds will go and you will find many people wiling to help you raise money for your charity or fundraiser.

  • High School Prom Or School Dance

Your local high school prom is another great event where you can sell arranged flowers that girls attending the prom can wear. Whether you sell it directly to girls or for boys who are about to pick up their girlfriends or partners from their homes, this event would be the perfect opportunity to raise funds and provide an excellent product in wholesale flowers. For pursuing girls and inviting them to the big dance or giving them in bouquets to that special someone in their lives.

  • Valentine