5 Unexpected Signs You Need Couples Counseling

It is reported over 90% of couples attending couples counseling learned practical tools for dealing with problems between themselves.  The biggest problem is determining when to seek help. These are signs to watch for if you think your relationship is not everything it should be.

Often couples are unaware of how their actions affect their partner. Friction is evident, but who’s at fault and the cause often requires an outside source that can impartially look at both sides. These are signs to look for to know if you can benefit from couples counseling.

Bracing for the Worst

Expecting your partner to become upset over a situation and then okay when they do, shows you're experiencing negative expectancy. There are even times with this expectancy that you will preemptively criticize your partner just to get the reaction you expected. You may not even be aware of this behavior in yourself. Couples counseling will determine if your relationship is suffering from this self-fulfilling behavior and how to avoid it.

Unhealthy Heart

Researchers found calcification levels in a spouse's heart decrease when they feel unsupported. A CT scan performed on participants coronary arteries determined partners viewing each other as supportive had higher levels of calcification. Couples counseling can create a healthier heart for you and your partner.

Meanness to Animals

Couples counseling has many partners admitting their first sign of trouble was when they began being mean to the family pet. They also experienced unwarranted irritation at simple daily events such as telemarketers calling, spoiled food, and even annoying TV commercials. If you feel this anger in yourself or notice it in your partner, you should seek couples counseling.

Texting Increase

Researchers found when a man increases the time spent texting, he is unhappy in his relationship. They relate this action as the male feels more detached with a digital approach rather than confronting directly. If texting has increased in your relationship, couples counseling may be needed.

Arguing about Daily Events

When daily chores become constant battles like; who's turn is it to empty dishwasher, walk the dog, or any joint task becomes a fight with a yelling match, you are a good candidate for couples counseling. Counselors can help you learn how to talk with each other again.

Couples counseling can help you save your relationship and get you back on track for a happier life.