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Start/Restart Services.LON-CAPA host id Each LON-CAPA server requires a unique internal name4The LON-CAPA network services take a moment to startDomain's Primary Library Server ID If you are setting up a domain with a single library server, then the domain's primary library server ID will be the clubtimer 2 82 keygen music host big kahuna reef 2 serial number of that server (e.g., msul1)Set-up the MySQL database Set-up MySQL permissions Configure Apache web server Configure start-up of services Check firewall settings Stop services not used by LON-CAPA, e.g., services for a print server: cups daemon Download LON-CAPA source code in readiness for installation Installing LON-CAPAThe possible actions are: Create the www user/group Install the package LON-CAPA uses to authenticate users


LON-CAPA requires a number of identifying parameters to be set in order for it to function at allLess setup, more innovationBrowse them at the Fedora Spins or Fedora Labs websiteConfiguring LON-CAPAThis creates a directory named installationPlease download files in this item to interact with them on your computerObtain Fedora 14 installation DVD or CDs Determine Network Settings Install Fedora 14 Update your system Install LON-CAPA Create a Domain Coordinator Start/Restart services Log in to LON-CAPA wget No, thanks


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