6 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Couples Therapy, Even If Your Partner Won't

While attending couples therapy alone is not ideal, the sad fact is that sometimes your significant other is not willing to go with you. This may be due to their belief that therapy will not be helpful, or a fear of being vulnerable or uncomfortable.

However, experienced therapists still think that starting couples counseling solo may still be a step in the right direction. Here are some reasons why:

1. You will gain a better understanding of relationships

Working with a qualified therapist will give you invaluable insights into how healthy and mutually beneficial relationships look like and work. It will help you learn how to compromise, set boundaries, or engage more in your relationship. It can also provide you with more effective tools to communicate with your partner.

2. No censorship

Attending couples counseling alone gives you a safe place to share any concerns you may be having about the relationship without having to censor yourself. The first few sessions allow you to identify the problems in your relationships head-on without worrying about protecting the other person’s feelings. This could be a necessary step to getting to the root of a problem.

3. You can bring positive change

Most times, all it takes is one partner to change in positive and functional ways to bring about a change in the relationship. Experienced therapists will tell you that happy families are like a well-maintained machine. Sometimes all a faulty machine needs to work is a little fine-tuning.

4. Plan how to approach thorny issues

Going to therapy solo gives you a place to talk about relationship problems that you may not be ready to discuss with your partner. Therapists are able to help you craft the most authentic but effective way to talk about your needs and concerns with your partner, without hurting their feelings too much.

5. Positive changes will encourage your partner

Therapy primarily forces you to think about your own patterns and behavior. Sharing these insights with your partner may just sway them to attend couples counseling sessions with you.

6. Gain some peace of mind

The most positive result of solo couples counseling is convincing an unwilling partner to join you. However, even if that happens and the relationship ends, you will be satisfied that you tried everything to make it work.

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