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Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) market is expected to grow over the forecast period due its application as a high performance thermoplastic (HPTPs). Global demand is expected to exceed 150 kilo tons by 2020 growing at a double digit CAGR from 2014 to 2020. HPTPs are high price and low volume polymers making them suitable for a variety of niche applications which requires superior properties. PPS is mostly compounded with glass and carbon fiber in order to improve its mechanical properties. PPS demand is mainly driven by its end use industries in emerging economies of Asia Pacific (India and China) and Latin America (Argentina and Brazil). 


A major restraint is the high price which can hamper growth of market over the forecast period. PPS market suffered a decline in demand during recession due to decrease in demand for automotive and other electrical and electronic appliances. Lumena is a major manufacturer of PPS, as of 2012 company has a production capacity of over 55,000 tons and is planning to increase it further over the next three years. 


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PPS finds applications in industries including electronics and electrical, automotive, filter bags, coatings, industrial, aerospace and defense. Filter bags were the largest segment accounting for about 50% of market share. Filter bags are used in different applications including the maintenance of low toxin level in flue gas and to prevent other harmful gases releasing into atmosphere by thermal power plant and coal fired power plant. 


PPS is used in different automobile parts including switches, pistons, engine components, coolant system and transmission components. With an increase in automobile industry in countries such as China, Brazil, India, Malaysia and Indonesia the demand is expected to grow over the forecast period. PPS is utilized in electrical and electronic appliances due to its excellent qualities such as flame resistance and high temperature compatibility making it a cost effective solution for such applications. 

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