7 Crucial Tips From IAS Coaching for IAS Exam to Crack

7 Crucial Tips From IAS Coaching for IAS Exam to Crack


The  IAS exam can give you the envied career.  IAS Exam is considered as the toughest exam. Many aspirants dream of becoming IAS as it is one amongst the prestigious profile. Aspirants have no idea as to how to take IAS exam because of that many of them are not able to even qualify the prelims exam. To Crack IAS Exam 2017 aspirants need to be passionate about Preparation For IAS Exam. Aspirants need to compete with around 2 lakhs students so it becomes the hard nut to crack. This article focus on such group of aspirants who are not aware of how to prepare for IAS Exam 2017. This article will enlist the 7 crucial tips which will take the aspirants to clear the exam in first attempt.

To crack IAS exam aspirants need to get through the three phases of the exam:

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview

 The basic tip to clear the IAS exam is to know the Exam pattern and Exam syllabus before starting the IAS preparation.

Crucial Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

  1. Manage the time : First and foremost tip to crack IAS exam is manage and divide the time for all the subjects only then the aspirant will be confident to take the exam. Develop a routine and make plan for study.
  2. Jack of all subjects: To clear the IAS exam only knowledge of subject can take you nowhere unless the approach of Jack of all subjects is followed. In IAS the overall knowledge of the aspirants is assessed. One needs to know all happenings of the world. If the aspirant is master of all the subjects then he can think of clearing the exam
  3. Enhance your General Knowledge: To appear for IAS exam GK should be strong. General knowledge is the crucial part for IAS exam. For General knowledge Reading newspapers and Magazines help you get the information about the happenings of the world. The best tip to enhance GK is to see the happening around you. TV can help you provide the updated information around the world. Watch TV to keep a track on the recent happenings in your country to score well in IAS exam.
  4. Mind maps and Short Notes: Whatever you read on the regular bais make sure at the end of the day you prepare the short notes which will help you at the time of revising the concepts again. Mind maps will help to recapitulate the concept again in mind so that it can be retained for long. Mind maps and short notes play very important role in IAS exam preparation. So focus on making effective notes.
  5. Work on your communication skills: Communication skills plays a very important role. IAS exam has three phases one is Prelims, Mains and Interview. To clear the Interview one need to be confident enough to attract and convince the interviewer.
  6. Get study material from Coaching Institutes: IAS Exam Coaching Institutes provide the updated study material. Updated study material will help you get through the exam very easily. Coaching institutes helps in preparation for IAS exam. Coaching institutes prepare you really well  for IAS exam preparation.
  7. Revision through Previous year Papers : Make the schedule on the regular basis and revise the material. Study wisely, give time to yourself and do not stress over studies. Otherwise, you will harm your score. Revise the content as the exam approaches near. Previous year exam will help you know the exam pattern and time to attempt the questions.