How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack?

How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack?

Ransomware shook up the internet world, by hijacking millions of computers worldwide. Ransomware is a malware that hackers use to take the control of computers. Till now they have hijacked more than 200000 computers in 150 countries, including of hospitals, tech companies and universities. So, including mobile app development companies in Florida and California, all tech companies as well as healthcare companies are taking special care to fight ransomware.

If you want to protect your system, websites or mobile apps, below I have provided some important tips that helps you protect your computers from ransomware attack.  

Backup Your Files

The best way to be safe from ransomware is back up all the files, information and images from your system to another system completely. External hard disk is the best place to move your information. That means if you have been attacked, the hacker cannot see any information on your system.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links and doing unnecessary downloads

Ransomware can spread through several ways, i.e. while you opened suspicious e-mails or clicked on suspicious files. When it comes to app, you should not download any app that is not verified by the official store, and also you should read the reviews before installing any programs or apps.

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Install antivirus program

Antivirus programs well scan the files to see if the file or application that you are going to download contain ransomware or not. The antivirus can block secret installations from malicious adverts when browsing on the web. And also it look for malware that is already in your computer or device.

Always install updates

You should install updates to your software regularly when it is available. Doing so will help you avoid latest viruses.

Don’t use unknown Wi-Fi

Don’t use any unknown Wi-Fi on your smartphone, instead it is better to invest on good data pack. The cost of data pack can be higher, but by using your own mobile network, you can safeguard your bank account details too.

Keep Password Always Private

You should change your net banking password or any other transaction-oriented password for every 72 days. You should not have the predictable passwords like (123456), instead you should use symbols, alphabets and numbers to have a strong password.

Never pay ransom

If ransomware attacks, don’t pay any ransom (money). Paying may encourage attackers to do more attacks. And also there is no guarantee that they decrypt your files.

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