Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant

Saitek PZ45 Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant - the ultimate in simulated flight encounter

Upgrade your flight simulation encounter with the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant, the ultimate in simulated flight encounter. It has been confirmed to function nicely with Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X and Vista. It will totally complement your quality yoke, rudder pedals, important big trim wheels and will make a wonderful enhancement of your home desk simulator.

The throttle quadrant that comes with the Cessna Yoke is in reality the normal Saitek Throttle Quadrant, with the exception that this one has a PS/two connection rather of a USB-connection. Upon opening 1 box, there is extremely well protected, Pro-Flight Cessna Foot Pedals, and the Trim Wheel, the second box once opened housed the Yoke and Throttle Quadrant.

The Cessna throttle quadrant looks the same as the quadrant that is included with the other common Saitek yoke systems. So, the items under the Pro-Flight Cessna banner is, the initial bundle: a yoke, and throttle quadrant (for single engine) trim wheel and foot pedals. Even though these are Cessna controls, the throttle quadrant is much more like a Piper and not with push/pull throttle like a Cessna.

Use the integrated USB Hub to connect other Saitek Pro Flight variety parts - extra Throttle Quadrant or Instrument Panel. The Saitek yoke has a USB hub constructed in that requires 3 saitek pro flight throttle quadrant USB devices plus the quadrant which has its personal proprietary plug that also plugs into the yoke.

Like all Saitek quadrants, this Cessna trim wheel quadrant has one single large plastic clamp for securing on a tabletop. The quadrant is designed to sit nicely next to the trim wheel, or an additional quadrant, with a detent in the side to match them up, and identical profile. The buttons on the throttle quadrant are used for gear and flaps in all modes.

Now their products have naturally evolved to work with flight simulation products such as yoke, rudder, switch pedals, and throttle quadrants.

During the initial movements of the throttle quadrant handles, the fundamental movements like roll nad pitch of the yoke, trim wheel and pedals are detected by X-Plane. You will then be able to move the control wheel, the throttle quadrant handles and press switches.