My Account of experiencing the charm of Koshy's in Bangalore

My Account of experiencing the charm of Koshy

When you hear that someone as big shot as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has come to a small restaurant in Bangalore, you definitely want to unearth the mystery behind its popularity. I had heard about Koshy's for the first time last year in 2016 from a friend who is a huge fan of their coffee. He told me that the restaurant was highly regarded by the former Prime Minister of India for its mushroom stuffed Pomfret. At Koshy's, you can simply come, relax, and enjoy life. This place reminds me of a matured hotel which blesses the ones around it but does not indulge in the rat-race.

Although I went there alone and I did not have any old memories attached to it, I could still realize why groups of people were having a great time. I sat there for three hours, talked to the staff, and observed people who had come there to unwind. Meeting friends is always great, and I saw them catching up with the old buddies at their same old hangout place, they had a different level of gratification on their faces. They discussed art, emerging ideas of new businesses, present and future of politics, ambitious ideas for their future. Many of them simply indulged in small talk and burst into an old song. 

The love of driving

I just love driving; even if a city like Bangalore is packed with traffic all the time, I have my own things to do in the car. Since I had to come to the city of gardens for just a few weeks, I could not bring my car. For a couple of Sundays, I decided to take a Car Rental in Bangalore without Driver. I can’t afford a Honda Civic at present, so the car rental gave me the opportunity of driving one of my dream cars.

Driving to Koshy's from my hotel was a drive of about an hour. Feeling terribly hungry, I could not wait to scoff their stew and appam breakfast once I reached there. The delicious smileys were served with their special mayonnaise. It was my second day in Koshy's, so I decided to have a change and take tea in the pot instead of coffee.

I learned about Mr. P.O. Koshy, who founded the restaurant in 1940, after he left the job of a Senior Executive in a private bank. His venture turned out to be one of the best bakeries of Bangalore, the traces of which can be seen even today after 70 years. If I were born in this city, I would definitely have some memories attached to this place. Using my Self-Drive Cars in Bangalore, I would have come to this place time and again.

Probably, Koshy's is the only place in Bangalore, which has still retained its furniture and interior from the old days. The youth of the 90s, who are now well above 30s and 40s, especially like to come here for a few drinks with delectable food. To some people, this place may seem highly overrated; this is because they cannot relate to this place and its importance in their lives. The third generation management of the place runs this place at present, which include Prem Koshy, P. Oommen Mathew, and P. Mathew Koshy.

In addition to visiting Koshy's, I also visited several other places in the city. Since I had taken the Car for Self Drive in Bangalore, I did not have to depend on public transport for traveling around the city. I had heard a lot about this metropolitan of South India and I must say I was not disappointed.