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TUT hng dn xi phn mm dit virut Kaspersky vnh vin v free Ch thuc danh mc 'Kin thc tin hc' c ng bi -- L Vn Cng --, 28/3/15In August 2015, Bloomberg reported that Kaspersky Lab changed course in 2012August 14, 2015In November 2014, Symantec and Kaspersky authored papers that contained the first disclosure of malicious software named Regin.[98] According to Kaspersky, Regin is similar to QWERTY, a malware program discovered the next year.[99] Regin was used to take remote control of a computer and is believed to have originated from the Five Eyes alliance.[100] That same month Kaspersky reported on the Darkhotel attack, which targeted users of wireless networks at hotels in AsiaIt later expanded to Germany, France, the US and Japan.[21] By 2000 the company had 65 employees and sales in more than 40 countries.[19] Kaspersky opened new offices in South East Asia and the Middle East in 2008[12] and in South Africa in 2009.[23] It also expanded in India, the Middle East and Africa in 2010.[12][24] In 2009, retail sales of Kaspersky Labs antivirus products reached almost 4.5 million copies per year.[16]-- L Vn Cng --, 29/3/15 #18 -- L Vn Cng -- Thnh vin cp 2 Cc bn an tm khi dng ci ny - 30 ngy reset 1 ln, khi key ca bn cn tm 4-5 ngy th kaspersky s bo bn bit thi ng lo - kaspersky s ln lch quyt tookit trong 1 khong thi gian m bo my bn sch virut - kaspersky khi pht hin file dnh virut s ko xa m tm cch g m c i.Anh no down sex m file dnh virut s yn tm thi -v vn ti nguyn th y, c 70M ram thi -- L Vn Cng --, 29/3/15 #19 -- L Vn Cng -- Thnh vin cp 2 -- L Vn Cng --, 29/3/15 #20 "Enterprise antivirus software test puts Kaspersky software out front, Microsoft at bottom"Retrieved April 25, 2016pp.9394^ "Anti-Malware Solutions Test Results Anti-Malware Test Lab"4/ Chay KIS 2016, lc active no se hoi: co mun add thng tin key